Monday , May 17 2021

Photo – new government: This minister of Macky Salla has no BAC


It's basically whispering in the salons, executives visit the other communities a few minutes after the Senegalese government's list has been published. Indeed, Dakarposte learned that Nene Fatoumata Tall bombed the minister of youth "even without a launcher".
Still, she should not worry because many great history missed their maturity and this did not prevent them from succeeding in their lives. For many, they did not have easy life and yet they pulled out. Example: Albert Einstein. The latter, which will become the absolute symbol of intelligence and genius, is a fool. He is distracted and astonished. Even with behavioral problems, he regularly protests against the arbitrary ability of teachers.
At the age of 15 he was dismissed from the Luitpoden High School in Munich for disciplinary reasons. He has no excuse that he is from a poor family. His father was an engineer and a business leader. He finally joined the Federal Polytechnic School in Zurich because he can enter without throwing, but he misses the entrance exam. However, the investigators discovered his potential and prompted him to run again. He is more seriously preparing, taking the exam and achieving a career we know.
To return to the so-called Nene Fatoumata Tall case, she unexpectedly took the brink of the Ministry of Youth. Needless to say, there is a lot of expectations on his shoulders. Described as a woman of stiffness and consensus, this resident of South Golf is not necessarily unanimous and to return, it does not seem to matter to her.
A married man who radiates at the Dakar airport, in this case, Cheikh Mbaye, the new patron of Senegal's young man is described near Mambaye Niang. They met him and others with his wife.
Nene Fatoumata Tall Mbaye, who soon believed in the ideals of the RPA leader, had to replace Condetto Nianga at the Lonase Board. She was in fact the chairman of the Senegal national lottery board (Lonase), which replaced Condetto Nianga. He had previously assured the April communication in the Golf Sud municipality.
Dakarposte wants him luck!


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