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Québec: Inauguration of the Mile

In January, there was a great turning point for Mil (Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms). 375 Mila family members and more than 125 internal partners moved into the heart of the O Mile-Ex complex in Montreal, Quebec. More than 35 internationally acclaimed professors, 300 masters, doctors and PhD students, and 20 technology experts for artificial intelligence, were welcomed at the heart of this area, whose inauguration was held on Monday, January 28th.

The history of Mile dates back to 1993, when Yoshua Bengio founded the LISA (Laboratory for Adaptive Computer Systems) University of Montreal. In 2014, the Institute for Learning Algorithms – MILA was adopted, and the following years the Institute continued its journey, gradually becoming one of the world's leading centers for AI and deep learning.

Milia's missions are different: training, research, technology transfer, and AI for humanity. The Institute advocates fundamental values ​​for scientific development in the spirit of excellence, rigor, transparency, humanism, ethics and social consciousness, as well as sharing, academic freedom, openness or cooperation.

Mila now has the highest concentration of academic researchers in artificial intelligence, more than 300 researchers who can mentor and support the network of thousands of artificial intelligence students. The mission of the innovation, development and technology team is to accelerate AI research through technology. That's why it will focus on technology transfer. The team will offer advice and training for the needs of start-ups and small and medium-sized businesses and will support industrial research projects conducted by researchers in companies that want to incorporate the use of artificial intelligence into the development of their innovations to maximize. competitiveness of their companies.

Mila also wants to actively encourage young AI entrepreneurs with entrepreneurial skills to encourage the emergence of new business leading students. These young people will work in a high scientific and technological environment and will have access to resources and experts of Mila and Espace CDPQ | Os IA. Within this area, the start-ups in AI will be welcome from the innovative and prospective sectors, whose technology projects are in line with Milin's values ​​and priority research areas.

Mila was also devoted to labs. Mila offers large companies and institutions the ability to create real-life corporate labs and localize some of their researchers or AI specialists to help them improve their knowledge of Millions of experts, working on solutions that meet the actual needs of their business.

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