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ROCHE: after good results

Roche gets 1.8% 260.60 Swiss francs after publishing its annual results. In 2018, the Swiss pharmaceutical group achieved a net profit of CHF 10,865 billion, which is 24% more than the constant exchange rate. The basic earnings per share amounted to 18.14 francs, which is 19% more. Excluding the impact of tax reform in the United States, variations have reached 8%. Core performance rose by 9% to 20.505 billion francs. Traffic grew by 7% to 56,846 billion.

Sales of pharmacies increased by 7% to 43.967 billion. Sales in the Diagnostic Division also increased by 7% to 12.879 billion.

For 2019 Roche expects growth in sales and earnings per share "in the lower part of the range".

The Group proposes a dividend payout of CHF 8.7 per share, compared with CHF 8.3 million a year earlier.

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