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Saint-Etienne: draw and lively recognition, summary of the match

Nantes - Saint-Etienne: draw and lively recognition, summary of the match

RESULTS OF NANTES – SAINT-ETIENNE – In a very strange match, marked with the dagger of the whole nation for Emiliana Salu, Nantes and Stéphanois separated on the draw. If Green led the result, Nantes managed to "Emi" return the result. Match summary and reaction.

23:40 – Summary of the match

The evening was special in Nantes, but also in homes, bars … where all fans of football gathered to accompany the lively Nantais tribute to this warrior, Emiliano Sala. Laziness, though frivolous at the family's request, was very mobile and authentic. Tifos, songs and ninety minutes to the applause of the whole nation. In the field, the meeting did not provide a real show with the technical waste shovel. The match got a weird turn when the referee decided to release two reds for M & V and Fabia, for the offense … 0-0 in half was logical even if Nantes offered the best chance at Coulibaly. As Nantais pushed, Remy Cabella opened the Green Points after a nice move from Khazri. Sincerely, the former Marcels did not celebrate the goal. So the court was even more beautiful, missed a goal for Nantes and the other intervened a few minutes later after a large collective movement between Rongier and Coulibaly, Waris concluded at the penalty spot. The end of the match did not offer anything interesting except the singing, again and again to Nantes fans for Emiliana Salu. With this draw, Saint-Etienne remains the fourth in three lengths of Lyons, the third, while Nantes is fourteen.

23:35 – Video: Bammou's reaction

Yacine Bammou was a close friend of Emiliana Sale. The latter was very dirty during the tribute, his reaction to the channel microphone.

23:15 – Rodier: "This game is just for him"

Valentin Rongier was very shocked at Canal's microphone this afternoon: "It's hard not to beat this match, we wanted to give it this gift, we fought like dogs, as it was in the field. the match was just for him. "

23:12 – Cabella: "Very difficult to play"

The Cabellina reaction after the match: "It was very difficult to play in such a sad atmosphere, there were more important things to do than football tonight, great support for the family and friends It was normal not to celebrate the goal It's hard in the head, we take the point but it does not matter, now we have to listen to the fans. "

23:10 – A visit to honor

Nantes players make an honor. Last Acknowledgment for Emiliana Salu. It's the whole nation that communicates together.

23:06 – Fans sing

Since the last whistle, fans sing in line with Emiliana Salu. Drawing is anegdotal

23:04 – END GAMES! Pull out 1-1

He ended up in Beaujoire on this drawing between Nantes and Saint-Etienne, marked by emotions.

23:03 – Nordin's try

Nordin tried to vividly and greeted the goalkeeper with a squalide in front of the goal after a corner. Two minutes left at the meeting

23:01 – Foul whistle

A free kick will not give anything to Nantes because the referee whistled at Nantes. Now we are in overtime work, there will be four

22:59 – Good free kick for Nantes

Valentin Rongier from outside the box is punched by a volley shot from outside the box. It can be a ball for the match!

22:58 – Moutoussamy u ofsajdu

Nantes brings dynamism in this end of the game even if the latter is reported in the offense.

22:55 – Five more minutes!

It does not happen for many minutes in Beaujoire with a lot of changes and mistakes that end up ending the game.

22:53 – Salibur is back

New change at this meeting with the introduction of Saliburn instead of Diony. We are looking for freshness on the side of the Green.

22:52 – Coulibaly takes a yellow color

Another heavy card for Nantes with this yellow for Coulibaly after a small mistake on Monnet-Paquet

22:51 – Change in Nantes

New change, but this time for Nantes with the release of Boschilia and the return of Moutoussamy

22:48 – Opportunity for Green

Khazri takes the free-kick. After a bad game, Dupé takes the ball from the corner. The latter will not give anything

22:46 – Hamouma comes out

Transparently, Romain Hamouma did not strive at the meeting and left his place in Nordina

22:45 – Another quarter hour

Fifteen minutes of madness for people from Nantes who want to win Emiliana Salu. Saint-Etienne falls back in the middle and does not offer much to get out of this pressure

22:44 – Communion with the supporters

Of course, Emiliano Sala was with all the people in Nantes to celebrate that goal. An incredible moment that would surely have been admired in Argentina

22:41 -! TARGET! Waris Equals!

Extreme Waris target for Nantes. A magnificent counter with an incredible acceleration of Coulibaly against Subotić, who perfectly fits in with Waris that throws the match into the penalty area.

22:38 – Waris countered!

Nantaa's immediate reaction to this Waris video was opposed to Kolodziejczak. The angle again does not give anything, and Stéphane Ruffier is even whistling

22:37 – Transverse Monnet-Pack

What a kick for Kévin Monnet-Paquet! The player takes a first kick at 25 meters and finds a cross. We were not far from vacation.

22:35 – Good defense of the Green

Nantes pushes and gets the corner thanks to his captain Valentine Rongier, but as in the first half, the Green Defense takes over this stage of the game.

22:33 – Krhin goes to Nantes

Things have to change for Nantes, and Krhin leaves room for Kwateng

22:31 – Cabella did not celebrate the goal

Record a classy Cabelle gesture that did not celebrate your goal of respect. Nice tribute, even if it's Nantes terrible if Green wins tonight


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