Saturday , September 18 2021

See the most glamorous world brands of DENIS ARCAND

BMW is interested in more people on Google in 25 countries; Mercedes-Benz, in the 23rd

British insurer Veygo wanted to know which brands were most wanted on Google in the UK, but as long as they left, they did the same for all countries around the world with enough Google searchable data about it or 171 out of 195 countries.

As for absolute clicks, Toyota was also the world's largest brand in the world with 7.8 million searches on Google followed by Honda (7 million). Ford Meets 3e The place is also the American brand of the most common googlée (6.4 million times a month).

Proof that cars are a deeply globalized industry, there are only five countries in the world where people are most interested in the national brand. The most commonly branded googlée of France is Renault. In Germany, that's Mercedes-Benz. In Sweden, Volvo. In India, Maruti-Suzuki. In Malaysia, Perodua.

In Japan? BMW.

In the United States? Toyota.

In South Korea? BMW.

In Italy? Volkswagen.

In the UK? Mercedes-Benz.

In Russia? Hyundai (Lada in the Northeast).

And here are some other curiosities:

In China, the brand with the most Google searches is Tesla. This is also the case in Norway, the small country with the most electric cars per capita in the world. It's the same on the Cayman Islands, a famous tax haven.

Mexico and four other countries in the Spanish speaking area in America are interested in Chevrolet, while Ford is dominated by curiosity in three countries, Hungary and the small Caribbean island of Aruba, as well as in Gilbratar (linked to Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen), this is a bit Iberian always a British property.

For some unknown reason, Burkina Faso is primarily interested in Chrysler.

Evidence that the internet is used for dreaming, not just for buying, Lamborghini dominates Google searches in 12 countries, of which 10 are bad or very poor. No other brand of luxury cars has been introduced as Lambo.

In many African countries with a high level of inequality of the most popular brands on Google are Mercedes-Benz and BMW.

We know that BMW is the most sought after brand on Google South Korea, but there is no North Korea data (a gray spot between South Korea and China), this internet gulag where even listening to South Korean radio can cause your closure in the camp.

To view the Veygo map click here.

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