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Senegal / MVNO: Sirius Telecom S.A promises to help reduce telecommunications tariffs

From left to right, Abdou Karim Sall, DG ARTP and Mbackiou Faye, CEO of Serius Telecoms S.A.

(CIO Mag) – Even if the official opening ceremony for commercial activities was organized on Thursday, 31 January in Dakar, by June, Sirius Telecom S.A should actually start working. During this morning's meeting in the new premises of the Telecommunication and Mail Regulatory Agency (ARTP), MVNO's executive director said he would like to go to lower rates of telecommunications, voice and data.

Commitment to reducing the rate

"The Internet today is, in a way, all that is needed." So, as everyone uses it, I think that base expansion and cost reduction can really reduce actual costs for both calls and data, "said Mbackiou Faye, several bodies in the sector. Chief Executive Officer of TIGO Senegal, various directors of ARTP and, of course, General Director of the Regulatory Body.

The rules will be applied to allow MVNOs to do their job

Abdou Karim Sall has assured that this will be done in line with the prerogatives of the Regulatory Body for Telecommunications and Mail so that virtual mobile operators can operate without blocking key operators such as Orange. , Tigo and Expresso. "ARTP will have to re-examine the conventions that MVNO will commit to the host operator," said Abdou Karim Sall, adding that "implementation deadlines, as well as the rights and obligations of each party, are respected".

Waiting for the sign of the other two MVNOs

Sirius Telecom S.A is the host of Tigo, and the first is MVNO in Senegal and West Africa, more than ever, to mark its presence in the telecommunications sector of the country. You should follow You Mobile and Origine S.A, the two remaining virtual mobile operators that should announce the start of their activities, perhaps soon.

Elimane, Dakar

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