Saturday , May 15 2021

Sex bomb that hurts Spice Girls

It was last month on a TV show set. Mel Spencer (Melanie Brown), a member of The Spice Girls, surprised the whole of England by discovering that she had a sexual adventure with her girlfriend Geri Horner Halliwell (also a member of the same group of four women) the time of the band's global success at Victoria Beckham. Geri reacted quickly. "What Mel said about our alleged lesbian fool is simply wrong this woman today said the mother of two children. He hurt me all that was said. But I want to go further. "

The case has shaken a group that has recently been restored and is planning a big world tour. This tour should bring them to the United States, Australia and the Far East at the end of their British tour that will end on June 15th. But now it's hard to figure out anything. Because Geri, very angry, no longer wants to see Mel.Bel claims that he can not stand that Geri made her look like a liar. "Almost as if trying to wipe out what happened between us". She insists. Mel C (Melanie Chisholm) and Emma Bunton are trying to reconcile their two teammates, but the tension is still very strong. Which leaves a big cloud above this tour. And the staff is afraid of the fans' reaction for the next tests.

In any case, despite all that, Geri wanted to pass the message: "J"I would love fans to know that what has just been said just wrong and hurt my family. Looking forward, I'm looking forward to meeting with the girls and all fans on this tour, with great time with everyone and new memories. "

R. Jordan

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