Saturday , March 6 2021

Signal and Telegram gained 32 million users after the WhatsApp controversy

Since the announcement of the change in the general terms and conditions for WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram have recorded a huge gain of users numbering in the tens of millions in just a few weeks.

Application of signals on a smartphone // Izvor: Frandroid

For the last few weeks it has been a birch for WhatsApp. After updating their terms of use, which raises fears of greater sharing of user data on Facebook, many users have left the service to adopt alternative solutions.

Signal was the first to report a significant increase in the number of its users. We have to say that in the days after the release of WhatsApp Signal became the most downloaded app in several countries, including France. But it’s not the only app that has taken advantage of the controversy surrounding WhatsApp. Telegram also seems to be doing well, and according to the British Parliament, it works even better than Signal.

25 million new users for Telegram

In an article published this week, Guard shared data from the UK Parliament’s Home Affairs Committee. According to these data, Signal would gain 7.5 million users worldwide in the last three weeks. For its part, Telegram would experience a massive influx with 25 million new registrations. In total, the two services thus recovered 32.5 million users, mostly from WhatsApp.

As a reminder, the new terms of use of WhatsApp now clearly show that messaging shares certain information about users, such as their IP address or phone number, with the messaging parent: Facebook. Information that has already been shared in the past but has not been explicitly shared.

In addition, Facebook is still not closing the door on using personal data from WhatsApp to offer targeted advertising on its social network. So many announcements that could have prompted users to move to more private solutions like Signal or Telegram.

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