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"Sniper and leather boots": Diana Rigg won "less than a cameraman"

Diana Rigg is an icon. For some, she is eternal Emma Peel, an iconic acolyte of secret agent John Steed of Bowler Hat and Leather Boots, the leading series of sixties. For others, it's Essential Tyrell, "The Queen of the Thorns" is a tough business and relentless in several seasons of the Throne Game, whose last season is broadcasting on April 14th.

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With Paris actress, which is also particularly dramatic, she returns with lucidity to her television career that lasts more than half a century. She discusses her iconic roles as a woman in that environment, and highlights the subject "series" she knew about the beginnings and 50 years later, the phenomenal outcome we know. "When I started a career, the role of women on television was a little housewife. Things have changed today, and that's good," she told Paris on the sidelines of the Canneseries festival in 2019.

"Then they called me a mercenary"

It is certain that Diana Rigg is not futile, decisive in an environment that is openly opposed to his lack of consideration. Asked about her wad in the polo shirt and leather boots compared to what she won on her canvas, the actress said she had come back a long way. "At first, I earned less than a cameraman, when I realized that, I was sorry, then they called me a mercenary, and no other woman in the profession supported me, and no one actually supported me, even Patrick MacNee, whom I really liked, but who I finally got what I was looking for. He wanted a quiet life, he did not hesitate to ask the problem.

Diana Rigg in boots with melons and boots

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Shakespeare's great performer, to be found on the stage after coming out of the series, Diana Rigg has suffered particularly from the "Sex Symbol" tag that was immediately attributed to him. "I felt disgusted," she says, "because I was a lot more than a sexy woman's picture, and moreover, the leather outfit I was wearing was very embarrassing, and I was sweating a lot, actually not sexy, actually!"

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Fifty years later, after showing on the screen a unique appearance of the character of James Bond's wife, it is logical that she plays Olenn Tyrell, uncompromising grandmother, Machiavellian and manipulative person to protect his two grandchildren and make his home triumph in the blockbuster Game Throne. "I wanted to play," admits Diana Rigg. I love bad characters more than pretty. Olenna was ready to do anything to protect her family, and I think a lot of people understood that. "

Today the page is turning: Diana Rigg does not intend to watch the last season of the series. He did not end with a contemporary pop culture: in 80, the actress will be filming a director's film, including Shaun of the Dead or Scott Pilgrim and The Last Pub before the end of the world, Edgard Wright.

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