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"There is no free seat of the Secretary General of the Socialist Party." Sergay Mbaye Thiam, National Election Secretary and Member of the National Secretariat of the PS, Speaking about the Party's Future, in the "Sunday Jury", Mamoud Ibra Kane, July 21

He explains: "Because we have an organization at the level of the National Secretariat of the Executive, we have chosen Ousmane Tanor Dieng, the Secretary General of the Party, who proposed to the Central Committee the structuring of the General Secretariat." Aminata Mbengue Ndiaye is the first deputy of the Secretary General.

Remember that the late Sg served four (4) years after the party's convention in 2014. However, the renovations that started last year were not could be resumed for holding the presidential election on February 24th.

Instead, the Extraordinary Congress of the Inauguration extended the "democratic" mandate of all bodies, including the SG body that will run in the organization of the next Congress scheduled after the reopening operations began.

"At that time, Serigne Mbaye Thiam insists, loyal and faithful to Omanman Tanor Dieng, means to put behind Aminat Mbengue Ndiaye for the party tasks and work with her."

His two (2) messages to his socialist companions

The latest director of Bennoak Tan Tan's campaign for the 2012 presidential election after his death remobilized the units: "I have two messages, that is confidence in the future, and we know that it is up to us to build this future together, gathering together .

The other is telling them, meaning to unite or disappear. I think we will find the necessary resources to unite. That's what Omanmane Tanor Dieng was trying to do all the time while he was there, it is our responsibility to do so.

We owe it to overcome our personal ego, to come together together to know that we can together (PS) together. And we have to open up together with other left-wing formations to participate in the political dynamics of our country and build our country's dynamics. "

Serge Mbaye Thiam in his messages does not exclude the President of the National Assembly, Moustaph Niass, and Grand Party President (GP, opposition), Malicka Gakou, former Socialists.


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