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Tackle Brel, the challenge for singers "These people out there"

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Paris (AFP)

From Liv del Estale to Michela Jonasza, from Marianne Faithfull to Lavilliers: Thirteen singers of all generations "The People There" take on a dangerous challenge, performing Jacques Brela, according to American Larry Klein arrangements.

"I was always familiar with Bruno," wrote Larry Klein, a bassist-producer-arranger, known for his media production Joni Mitchell, Madeleine Peyroux, or Melody Gardot, who wanted to give a new glow to the great Belgian songs by dressing (sometimes a little too much) of the rich sounds.

It is difficult, however, to equalize the same degree of emotion achieved by simply emphasizing the word, Jacques Brel is maintained alive.

"Brel has such a power of interpretation that it is difficult to catch up with such a mountain," AFP Gauvain Sers told AFP.

In "The Valcer a Thousand Times," the young singer "undermines" the trap falls in a pale copy, hoping to surpass at all costs. "

"Modern arrangements by Larry Klein have helped me to do something else," he says. "We decided not to accelerate the pace of the song over the verse, but to put together the instruments to develop, and we distinguished ourselves from the vocal performance of the Brela Stream."

Stunning the flow that Zaz married for the broken version of Bruxelles.

In arrangements by Larry Klein, Bernard Lavilliers, very credible in his way, "Latin crooner lover" embodies the background of swing guitar and casting a figure and pathetic and dear Jacky in "Song Jacky".

Jacques Brel also inspired the Canal and the Atlantic on the other side of the thrill, by the musicians who attracted the singer as a comedian.

At the time of the recent disappearance of pop singer Scott Walker, swallowed by Brel, Marianne Faithfull, in his rugged and broken voice, offers a "ruinous port in Amsterdam".

Melody Gardot offers, she, sober and collected, fine, "The Old Lovers Song".

"It may take time, perhaps, to realize that there is no difference between acting and singing, in both cases it is always to interpret emotions, feelings and stories," says Michel Jonas, whose voice is just as good as shaking for the dirty version of "old ".

"Those people out there" are opening up with the son of a father to the father, Thomas Dutron, who sings the famous phrase "Vesoul" in Brela: "You wanted to see Dutronac and we saw the Dutron" …

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