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The Chinese competitor Tesla will be released by the end of 2019, with 15,000 pre-sales

In a
an interview with L & # 39; Echo, Renaud Witmeur, director of Sogepa,
reveals some information on the advancement of the Chinese manufacturer Thunder Power.
His electric sedan called "Sedan" should come out
before the end of the year. Certification tests and 15,000 passed
the resells would already have been registered. As for the small town girl Chloé, her assembly
should begin in Belgium in 2021.

First introduced in 2015 as a concept in Frankfurt, Thunder Power Sedan has been introduced from the very beginning as a future competitor of Model S. The Chinese have announced a 125 kWh battery that required 650 kilometers of autonomy (NEDC). As for the load, it was shown, without giving more details, to recover 300 km of autonomy in just 30 minutes. Two engine configurations with a power of 230 or 320 kW could reach a maximum speed of 250 km / h. The performance was confirmed two years later at the same fair in Frankfurt, where this time was presented in green camouflage.

As far as design is concerned, we are far from the rough copies of European models that some Chinese producers are letting themselves produce: Thunder Power has called the Milan-based studio Zagato, which designed and designed the car. External aesthetics combines Western imperative designs with strong Chinese identity. The grid in concentric ovals is one of the symbols of the "Zen spirit" brand that has made its logo.

The aim of the Chinese start-up at that time was to sell 40,000 cars a year in Europe, first in the German and British markets. While in 2015 advertising of the limousine was announced 2017/2018, at the last exhibition in Frankfurt, we learned that this date was postponed by 2019 due to concerns about registration. Since then more news.

The limousine production will begin in late 2019

The interview recently published in the Belgian diary L & Echo tells us more about the progress of a young producer to enter the market. Renaud Witmeur is director of Sogepe, the financial branch of the government. In that capacity, he negotiated with Thunder Power on a purchase contract by a Chinese manufacturer of a former Caterpillar plant located in the suburbs of Charleroi. Sogepa also invests in the Belgian subsidiary Thunder Power, which will build Chloe in this factory. This was briefly presented to us in October 2018. Renaud Witmeur is in close contact with the Chinese leaders.

" The factory in China will be completed after the summer, and the limousine production will begin in late 2019. They have already passed the homologation tests and have already registered 15,000 pre-sales. He tells us in this interview. As for the construction of Chloé in Belgium, one year after launch in China. " The problem is that Thunder Power makes Sedan its priority. Chloe's production will begin in China only after 2021. It is likely to come too late to the European market. Now is the time to go, not three years. says Renaud Witmeur.

The Chloé Assembly will begin in Charleroi in 2021

Sogepa, therefore, spoke with the Thunder Powerstation team about accelerating the project in Europe. It was decided that the Chloé Assembly would begin in Charleroi in 2021 before the start of production in China. " In the beginning, all pieces will come in Chinese sets. There will be a few gatherings in Charleroi. We will employ 90 people in 2020. We will increase to 200 in 2021 and 600 when capacity utilization will be maximum. We're talking about 30,000 cars a year. Painting, welding and assembly work will take place in Charleroi Again reports L & # 39; Echo.

Source: Echo.

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