Tuesday , May 18 2021

the day of teleconference led by three men

Senegal is suspended on the lips of three people responsible for issuing this list of government members who will start the Macky II era. After Mahammad Boun Abdallah Dionne was nominated on Saturday for the cumulative positions of Prime Minister, State Minister and Secretary General of the Presidency, and Max Jaime Simon Ndiaye as Minister, Secretary General of the Government, national opinion awaiting ballet personality at the Boulevard de la Republique for regular consultations before appointing and publishing a list of new government members. "Shou" is very different.

The reporters who came to the scene did not have anything to eat. First Prime Minister and Secretary General of the Government appeared at the beginning of the day. Mahammad Boun Abdallah Dionne and Maxim Simon Ndiaye joined only the President of the Republic about 16 hours for a three-way conversation in his office. Journalists, later placed inside the palace, will wait for a few more hours.

Meanwhile, three statesmen are locked in the Head of State bureau. Indiscretions say consultations are done remotely and over the phone. Time flies. And until the release of these lines is not yet the shadow of the list. Journalists have finished installing their cameras. With them, people are waiting for the famous list …

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