Saturday , May 15 2021

The first step of the Green Trophy, Sunday at Oraison. AULNE PLANAIS has created a surprise!

163/1! This is a rating that she shows AULNE PLANAIS, laureate the first step of the Green Trophy 2019; who was part of the Oraison Racecourse, yesterday, Sunday. Wisely guided, inside, on the side of the rope, from the driver's driver Christopher Haret, AULNE PLAINAIS went offensive at the exit from the last lap before taking the best midfielder. The punishment to the end, he held in respect VENCEDOR, the author of a good final effort, beyond it. Joined the leading group in the round of the goal, COUNTY VIVIER he was brave to secure the third place in front of a constant appearance, BALTIC SAUTREUIL, who took the best on the last passage of the opposite line.

The next step in the Green Trophy: April 21, in the Ecommodus.

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