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The Mouride community remembers Serigne Mbacké Madina

The famous Mudrian community, this Saturday, 29 June 2019, Magal Serigne Mbacké Madina. This pure suffix and devoted man is the son of son of Mouhamadou Moustaph Mbacké, the first caliph of General Mourides (1927-1945). His mother is Sokhna Aminata Lô, herself, daughter of the famous and recognized scholar of Islam, Serigne Ndame Abdourahmane Lô. Serigne Mbacké was born in 1913 in Diourbel. At the end of his humanist science, his father sent him to Kael, while his older brother Serigne Cheikh Mbacké Gaïndé Fatma stayed at Nayde. This figure of Mouridye was known for its visceral attachment to the rules of the Islamic faith.

All those who had a chance to meet him were affected by his separation from the underworld, vain and useless, rotten and pernicious. He only sought the approval of his Lord. When & # 39; an was his daily life, his reading, his main occupation. Serigne Cheikh Ahmadou Bamba Mbacke on March 11, 1978, said Serigne Cheikh Mbacké Gaïndé Fatma, his older brother, was invited to God. He inherited, as a tradition murid, the khalifat of the famous Darou Khoudoss family. He was involved in the rehabilitation of the mosque of Darou Khoudo in 1979. The Holy Man reminded God of July 13, 1985, immersing the entire Murdoch community and the Islamic ummah, in anxiety and astonishment. His current caliph is Serigne Sheikh Bombaly Mbacké.

For his Magala celebration marking the anniversary of his birth, his grandchildren intend to innovate. So, the day before the great religious conference is organized on the topic: "Globalization and Its Consequences: Which Solution?". It will be developed by Serigne Cheikhouna Mbacké Abdou Woudod.

Some statements about Serigne Mbacké Madini:

Speaking about him, Mouhamadou Moustaph (1888-1945) said: "I have nothing more than Serigne Mbacké in Serigne Touba's line. Serigne Cheikh Mbacké Gaïndé Fatma is my service fee for Serigne Toubi's services. Meanwhile, Serigne Mbacké is a bonus the Lord has given me.

"If Serigne Touba returned to the country, Serigne Mbacké should not even change the smallest part of his attitude," he said. She prays from her place of origin, "said Sheikh Mouhamadou Fadel (1888-1968), speaking of the position and behavior of the Holy Man.

"Serigne Mbacké is surely our son here, but he is also permeated by the values ​​we are," he added in 1963 to Mehmadoo Bachir (1895-1866), presenting him to President Léopoulou Sédhor during drilling inauguration,

"Serigne Mbacké has no grandson size than son Serigne Toube," said Sheikh Abdou Ahad Mbacké (1913-1989). During the burial of Serigne Mbacké, he kept the following: "Serigne Mbacké has no equal people here in this world that has just left, there is no equal in life after death where he goes …"


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