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The Paris Stock Exchange, crippled by uncertainties, retires a bit

The Paris Stock Exchange, crippled by uncertainties, retires a bit

Euronex control room, Paris Stock Exchange operator in La Défense, April 27, 2018. / & copy AFP / Archives / ERIC PIERMONT

The Paris Stock Exchange moved somewhat lower on Monday morning (-0.21%) despite opening on the positive ground, dominating multiple issues, particularly around the Italian budget.

At 09:38, CAC 40 lost 10.69 points to 5.096.06 points. Friday, he ended up in a small 0.48 percent drop.

"Bears are numerous: the trade war, Brexit, which is struggling to find a favorable exit and the issue of the Italian budget," notes analyst Saxo Bank.

The populist coalition in power in Rome will have to present the revised EU budget next week, or it will be exposed by financial sanctions. The European Commission considers that this draft budget is based on excessively optimistic forecasts of growth and "from the forest" in view of the public deficit.

The market will also closely monitor all events in the US-China trade. On the heads of trees, two countries raised reciprocal warnings on Friday at a ministerial meeting in Washington, while securing the desire to strengthen their co-operation and avoiding a new "cold war".

Brexit will also remain at the center of attention, and British Transport Secretary Jo Johnson departed on Friday, criticizing the deal he sought to conclude Theresa May's government, which he says would be a "terrible mistake" before calling for a new referendum.

– In total –

In terms of value, the overall increase from 1.25% to 51.12 euros, due to rising crude oil prices.

Suez withdrew 0.44% to 13.50 euros. The French group follows a "trust and rest" report on water distribution in Senegal, despite the suspension of the interim agreement it received in October, the consequence of the action brought by his unfortunate SDE contest, Bertrand Camus, Africa's manager for Africa on Friday.

Airbus lost 0.16% to 94.53 euros. The group recorded 340 net orders from January to the end of October, during which time 584 shipments took place Friday, the aircraft manufacturer announced. has won 1.72% to 5.90 euros, driven by annual turnover of 14% over the fiscal year 2017-2018, according to forecasts and previous years.

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