Tuesday , May 18 2021

These common scooters … and quickly thrown

Shared scooters are quickly abandoned and outdated. Great ecological and economic challenge for all new players in the sector.

Are common electric scooters plus for today's cities and for ecology as such? The question is being asked more and more Lime, Dott, Flash or any other kind and the comrades attack our streets and our sidewalks in a less or more fashionable way.

By buying scooters in very large quantities, players in the sector can reduce the purchase price which some see as an incentive to swiftly replace a scooter instead of repairing them. Many people doubt it just throw those scooters at the slightest problemThat's hard to check.

In general, s he runs a few euros each timewe can say that these scooters are profitable in two / three movements. This argument was rejected by the biggest player in that sector in Brussels. "Sustainability is a key part of our model – it can only be profitable if life expectancy is extremely long", insists Benjamin Barnathan, Boss Lime in Benelux. Lime is in twelve versions of your scooter and in each of them the company is trying to improve and increase the expected life span. "Brussels is also a life longer than in other European cities", adds Benjamin Barnathan.

Study McKinsey goes in its direction. It has computed the profitability of the common electric scooter was achieved after 114 days, at a rate of 5 trips per day for the purchase price of $ 400. The cabinet is based on public records of the city Louisville Kentucky to reach that conclusion. The problem is that here the life time of the average electric scooter is only 28 days.


No one wants to communicate openly about this scooter life. However, actors in the Belgian mobility sector confirm that the life span of these scooters oscillates between 1 and 6 months, which clearly raises the question of durability of the model, which is certainly not a good level of ecology.

Out of business, therefore, it will work clearly in this life on the side of the operator as the legislator. We remember that in the electric bicycle the issue of vandalism, and therefore bicycle life, was right for several companies operating in Belgium. "If an actor like Lime managed to raise funds, it was thanks to this clear improvement for several years of the scooter "explains Benjamin Barnathan.

"There is a clear concern about the durability of the scooter, they are essentially intended for individuals"

Valentin Haarscher

Executive Director Poppy

"It's clear the scooter's sustainability, They are basically intended for individuals ", respect Valentin Haarscher, CEO Poppy. Society of common cars and scooters It is also planning to put it in its fleet of vehicles and scooters. Such a offer, for example, offers a combination of scooters to go to his car. Poppy therefore intensively investigates the market to find sustainable material that could last for at least 6 months to a year. "Most of what is on the market is built in China In a few months the models are much better. In Brussels, for example, Dott has a much stronger product"says Valentin Haarscher.

The problem of young people?

For him, the problem is primarily youth, because no operator is interested in bad products. It will also be necessary at a given time to favor corrective and irreparable models.

The next question is what happens to these scooters when they are good for trash. A problem that also crosses the sector. We know that for other types of transportation the legal rate of recycling, and therefore real, is very high. "95% of the scooters are recycled, Lime is a zero carbon business and we have a recycling business in Europe ", claims his boss. Its company reported in January that it has gone through a milestone of 40,000 users. Three months later, they have more than 100,000 users in Brussels. The stakes are high because the competitor scooters become more and more visible.

Another ecological aspect of the scooter is whether it actually replaces travels made by car or not. Even Lime's owner admits that he can not exclude him for some of the travels on an average of 1.3 kilometers. In the case of replacing hiking trails or conventional bicycles with electric driveways, the climatic pressure is higher. However, in Brussels, industry players need to replenish their scooters with green energy.

"We see lime users significantly contributing to the reduction in the use of motor vehicles."

Benjamin Barnathan

Executive Director of Lime in Benelux

"We see that lime users make a significant contribution to reducing the use of motor vehicles. Thanks to Lime travel, there is less travel in vehicles and for some users, they replace them simply and simply, convinces Lime's boss. He adds that on a global scale, From 30 to 40% of trips are combined with public transport, Which reduces the bad ecological image of a "one-time scooter" that begins to emerge in discussions.

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