Saturday , May 15 2021

Tony Mazari, actor Mysteries of Love, condemned for a sex show

On Friday, April 5, the Versailles Penitentiary Court (Yvelines) condemned actor Tony Mazariy on the basis of a sexual exhibition.

A man playing Hugo Sanchez in the hit series "Mystery of Love" was sentenced to two months in prison, with the ban on any activity or profession in contact with juveniles in a given period. five years.

According to Le Parisien, two twelve-year-old students met Tony Mazariya while leaving the classroom on February 5 in Rambouillet.

At that very moment, the young man showed them their sex and started to play.

The girls have escaped to return to their homes.

One of the two girls immediately informed the au pair in charge of her supervision and her family who warned the police.

When the police arrive, Tony Mazari still has an open fever, and two college girls will not have a problem with recognition.

The defendant attempted to justify referring to the construction site in the Rambouillet sector where he worked to supplement his income.

He added to urinate when the two girls passed by him.

The court will explain that his truck broke, just like his cell phone.

But it was not like that. Trying to deny the facts, Tony Mazari delivered confusing explanations during the hearing.

Both parties have not yet filed an appeal.


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