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Twelve year old drowned on the beach in Cambérène (Senego TV)

A twelve-year-old boy, in the afternoon of this Sunday, January 21, 2019, who went to Camberène Beach, will not be back home. He drowned in front of the helpless views of others who appeared on the page, as is the case every night, in this period of great heat.

We could save him

According to the testimony of Seydin Aline Ndiaye de Senego, young Ahmet Béye, he stayed more than twenty (20) minutes to float on the waves without anyone having the courage to save him. .

His parents, informed of the drowning of the young Bece, all came into the beach of Camberène. They will remain on the shore with waves rages, with the ultimate hope that they will rise from the bottom, their Ahmet must carry salty water.

The body has not been found yet

By the time we wrote this article, despite numerous scammers of local residents, Ahmet Beye's body has not been found yet. It is a sadness for all faces, for residents as well as for those who come from other districts such as Assees parcels in search of a setting where fresh breath of summer breeze is.

This tragedy was also well trapped for these young people, affected by the intimidation of Ahmet Bejay, claiming the authorities, to quickly deploy this rescue beach, which alone can save or prevent drowning.

Increased presence on the beach

Every year, on the beaches of Dakar, we record many cases of drowning of young people most of the time. In the developmental civilization of recreation, water holds its place
all the more important. Bathing practice rare at the beginning of 80 armies has become widespread. Since the mid-eighties in Dakar we have noticed an increasing number of sea visitors.

And urbanization

This is due to the ever-increasing urbanization that decreases more and more green areas; but also the promiscuity that annoys the city due to the explosion of the population, and hence increasing pollution levels and fashion phenomena with the ever closer connection between music and the beach.

The ubiquity of the sea, the high level of school and university waste, the development of the informal sector and the warming up of the Earth, are factors that explain the increasing persistence of the Dakar population towards the sea.

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