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"Why did I destroy the bomb in Mbacke … Those who left Macky because they were not re-elected for the deputies … For 2019 we are not afraid"

Dakaract: Dear, your coalition is going through difficult times in Mbacké with this rival Gallo Bâ-Abdou Mbacké Ndao with the mayor. Moreover, the electoral committee has suffered

Yes, indeed, it must be emphasized that this situation is outdated. When I realized that mediation was inevitable, I decided to start the process. At the first assembly assembled by Gallo Bâ in order to form a consensual board, I noticed that the Mayor was not present and that he was not represented. I immediately realized that there was clutter and that I was in the room obliged to reconcile them with the essentials. So I made a deal with Minister Moussa Sakho, Hcct Madame Mbaye, Socialist Morane Guèye, political leaders Moustapha Ndiaye and Moustaphe Bà to play good services. And the two men had an interview behind closed doors before they kept the mayor chairing the board and Sogip's CEO would take the money. Peace is now being discovered.

Dakaract: Peacefull facade, modest, two men always end by digging the ax after the deadlock

Safe! But there may all be different in that it is about re-election of a common candidate (…). Anyway, I could not stand idly and allow the situation to get worse. What links me to President Macky Sallom long ago. When I was following him, Serigne Saliou Mbacké was still in this world. I crossed the desert with him and I praise a lot.

Dakaract: It did not prevent President Macky Salla from erasing you during the last games at the show. Those who suffered the same failure as you slammed the door

Those members who were not re-appointed and who slammed the door did not have the same motives as I did. Their goals were associated with responsible positions with consequent financial impact. On the other hand, I was with President Macky Sallom in order to satisfy my personal conviction. If President Macky Sall was a rice retailer somewhere in the world, my home is his rice that the family will eat. And he always showed me to count on him.

Dakaractu: How do you rate Lat de Diopa's penetration from Guédiawaye in Touba?

Lat Diop did not break. She has a house in Toubi and talib is Serigne Saliou Mbacké. Touba is a place that can not be politically managed by two or three people. Lat Diop told everyone who wanted to hear it clearly that he had not come to seek a deputy seat or even a smaller Dg or a Senior Advisor. He has already been appointed to responsible positions. He also told local leaders he did not come to cut their activists. He does not need it. His role was to go to the leaders who froze their activities because they were dissatisfied, the opposition leaders were visibly influential, etc. So no one should be embarrassed. Unfortunately, some sporadic reactions can still occur somewhere.

Dakaract: An introductory meeting for President Macky Salla in Toubi. Are you already worried about mobilization?

Fear can not be justified. What President Macky Sall did in Toubi, people know that. Only the IA & Touba highway is sufficient for the balance. Do not mention the section passing through Ndamatou, a hospital under construction, etc.

Dakaractu: Sonko, do not you scare you?

Sonko, who is Sonko? I do not know Son!

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