Sunday , May 16 2021

Why is Nabilla leaving Dubai?

This Thursday, April 1, Nabilla made a big announcement to her fans. If we could believe the day of April Fool’s Day, the news seems to be very real because it was not subsequently denied.

Internet users who like to follow all the adventures of reality TV stars were surprised to learn that Nabilla wants to leave Dubai. Although many French influencers are increasingly migrating to the first city of the United Arab Emirates, Thomas Vergara’s companion dreams of elsewhere.

No later than March 19, she posted a photo on Instagram in the company of her dear and gentle person, adding in a comment “I’m posting great news for you soon”.

So the big news seems to have been announced last Thursday via his Snapchat account. Always very active on her social networks, Nabilla explained why she wants to change direction and where she wants to settle down.

“I have to give you an announcement, I didn’t tell you because I was just waiting for it to be really safe, so we’re moving to the United States. We’re leaving all my little family and myself, we’re moving to the United States. Here we are, leaving everything, we are really fed up with Dubai. He gets us drunk, it comes out of our eyes and suddenly it’s over. We are interrupting, “said Milan’s mother.

This announcement was followed by critics. If some Internet users understand this choice, others have pointed to the construction of the Nabilla and Thomas house being built for months, estimating that it would ultimately be a lie.

While waiting to reveal more about her relocation plans, former candidate Angela will continue to travel, especially to New York, which is justified by expert meetings.

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