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Yamaha bet on a robot that can handle skiers

Roam Robotics, a manufacturer of robotic orthotics for skiers, has just closed the $ 12m fundraising fund. Yamaha Motor, as well as other investors, have cash.

Roam's leading product, Elevate, for 16 million Americans practicing winter sports. And no doubt they will soon be skiing around the world.

The device consists of two straps attached to the user's thighs and associated with his ski or snowboard boots. The Elevate only touches a few grams and makes it easier for the skiers to stay longer on the track and push their physical boundaries on the board.

Targeting the winter sports sector is a good idea for robotics experts. Since the consumer market is now needed to use niches. Especially that skiers and snowboarders spend a lot of money on the equipment. And especially since the knee threat and back injury ending their season well grasp the enthusiastic dust.

"There is a network for changing the limits of human mobility," said Tim Swift, founder and CEO of Roam. "This boundary is different for every person, but there is everybody, regardless of whether you are an Olympic, everyday athlete or looking for lost mobility, we want to push you outside of what your body is doing right now."

Tim Swift is a former exo bionics student, one of the first companies in the market for mobile robotics to improve mobility. Exo, however, struggled to find a viable market, oscillating between military applications, mobility, medical and recent industrial applications.

Undoubtedly inspired by his exemplary Exoe, Tim Swift decided to maintain a market-oriented niche for his first-ever product.

Yamaha Motor, on the other hand, which aims to focus on mobile products, is probably due to future applications with Roam's technology portfolio.

"Roam creates a new category of exciting products that improve human capabilities," said Amish Parashar, a partner at Yamaha Motor Ventures. "By creating these robotic, scalable and powerful robotic exoskeletons, Roam has removed the major barriers to broad application, and we believe that these products will one day be used to create exciting new experiences and human mobility."

The elevations will cost about $ 2,500. The product will be shown this winter at American Ski Resorts (Tahoe and Park City).

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