Tuesday , April 20 2021

Zara brand clothes to win Africa

The Inditex Spanish group announced the launch of a digital platform to make products available in 106 new markets.

In Zara's shop in Madrid.
In Zara's shop in Madrid.
Credits: Sergio Perez / REUTERS

The Zara brand of clothing will be available with 106 new markets, mostly in Africa. The Spanish group Inditex announced launch on Thursday, November 8, a digital platform for its brand ready-to-wear. The fundamental step towards achieving the goal is to be online around the world by 2020.

"Most of these new markets are in Africa, including Angola, Ivory Coast, Senegal and Ghana. In addition, online shopping is debited in many parts of the Caribbean and Indonesia"said the group in the statement. What a Spanish brand of "Fast Fashion" is qualified"An Important Step" will enable him to be "Available to a total of 202 markets".

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For Inditex, "Fast Fashion" is that 60% of his clothes are relatively close to the headquarters, in Europe and the Maghreb, so that they can be put on shelves for fifteen days to keep fashion trends. But faced with behemoths like the Amazon, and in spite of starting a bit late in 2010, Zara's owner now puts an integrated digital strategy to drive his growth. On the new platform, customers will be able to order in French and English and receive their packages "Three to seven days depending on the destination", read the statement.

Inditex announced in September that eight brands of brands (Zara, Oysho, Bershka, Massimo Dutti …) will offer online sales service in all countries by 2020, even if the group has no physical trade, his chief executive, Pablo Isla, is convinced during the presentation of the results that "Online operations continued to grow very fast", but without data, while 2017 online sales accounted for 10% of total sales.

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