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A little inexperienced young Kecmanovic

A little inexperienced young Kecmanovic

Our most talented tennis player Miomir Kecmanović Today, as did his team-mate Filip Kozinovic, he went through the real hell in Paris, but he managed to celebrate. In the first round, Roland Garros, a 19-year-old Belgian, after three hours and 13 minutes of a real sports war with the American Denis Kudlom he won 3: 2, 6: 0, 6: 7, 5: 7, 6: 3 and 6: 6

Kecmanovic played the first set of really masterful, fiercely won with zero. A teenager from Belgrade was shot dead and in that part dropped a significant percentage of the first (59%) and other (33%) opponents' services, reaching seven breaks, out of which he used three. Kudla did not let him take over the service in that part of the match.

He played well with Misha in the second set, led by 5: 3, but the Ukrainian player who played under the United States flag was able to equalize, and after that, after a big battle, he came to the set and break-up after arrived and took over the lead of our 4: 0 asa! This detail of the match should be taken as a classic dance in the inexperience of the Belgrade teenager.

The third set was very tense, and Kudla had the chance to finish it in his corn since running 5: 4. Kecmanovic did not lose his head, played hard and focused on equalization, then resigned from the service and then set off.

He then showed Kecmanovic that he had the first place, but he needed more games to avoid kickbacks that cost him because at the start of the fourth part of the match he broke the opponent and saved that advantage without major problems to the end.

Superb Misha opened a decisive set, took 3: 1 and then resigned the initiative at seven years of senior opponent until 4: 4 when he made the final break for a really big and significant success. And that is not true for placement in the second round of the second Grand Slam season, but for the way he fought with a much more experienced opponent.

The next opponent of our most talented tennis player will be an experienced Belgian David Gofan, 27 Roland Garros, who reached 6: 0, 6: 2 and 6: 2 in the first round, Rikardas Berankis.

(PHOTO: Reuters)

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