Monday , June 14 2021

A new class of police officers was promoted, the minister announced better working conditions

Minister Stefanovic, attending the Basic Police Training Center for Promoting Diplomacy of the Academy of Criminal Police and COPO 16th grade students in police trainees, stated that his mission and mission was to respect the police officers and to be part of the elite of our society, to people who risk their lives to make me feel safe and secure.

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The minister noted that among the 214 new members of the Ministry of the Interior, who are currently promoted to police officers, two young men who during the internship at the Starigrad police station rebelled and detained the suspect from the office.

"These young guys gave inspiration to many, they showed that we have reason to believe and respect all the cops, I know that you know, but my job is that the whole country knows that, my job is to censor." I am grateful to the entire government and the Serbian President, who will provide the apartments more favorable conditions for these young people will always get a new uniform, will get good vehicles and good equipment, "said Stefanovic.

The minister pointed out that previous generations have seen that they are able to show the knowledge and skills they have acquired in the KPA and COPO.

"Without knowledge, continuous improvement of skills and progress, you can not say that we have fulfilled the task of making the police more efficient, intelligent and close to their people," Stefanovic said, adding that the Ministry started a major reform aimed at bringing police closer to citizens.

"I want you a lot of success, health and happiness with new tasks and duties, be assured, provide security to all the people you meet," Stefanovic said.

Dean of the Criminal Police Academy Goran Boskovic emphasized that education and training are two main pillars of police profession.

"It is up to us to build a common house on these pillars, which will enable new generations, policemen and participants of the Center to perform their duties professionally and consciously," said Boskovich, who thanked the Ministry for strong support and strategic commitment to police development based on police education.

Head of the Police Training Center Želimir Mrdalj emphasized that the teachers of the Center tried to create a good foundation for the participants, carry sufficient knowledge and master the skills to the extent necessary to successfully overcome the increasingly complex demands of serious and responsible police work.

He told future trainees that respect was painfully achieved, that he was not inherited as property and that he was therefore honest, honest and honest in his relation to people.

"Be those who will, will want to be willing to do something for their people, because the one who wants them is always stronger than the ones they have." We are proud of you, I expect you to be responsible, efficient, decisive and disciplined, but also be very moral , tolerant, communicative, solidarity and humane, "Mrdalj said.

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