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BENEFITS, DO: NEW fuel fees come soon news

Just as the price of fuel in Serbia has started down the road, the state introduces a new fee in the form of compensation to improve energy efficiency.

According to the Draft Law on Charges that entered the parliamentary procedure, the energy efficiency fee will be paid 15 pounds per liter of gasoline and diesel or per kilogram of liquid gas.
– You never know how much new reimbursements will be passed on to the ultimate buyer, but the costs of the importer and producer of petroleum products will increase by 15 pairs per liter. All state-imposed fuel taxes are ultimately paid by the end-customers. Serbia has the highest tax on diesel fuel compared to all the countries bordering while gas prices are on a regional average. Regarding the fee for liquefied petroleum gas, we are European leaders because we have the highest taxes in Europe – says Tomislav Mićović from the Serbian Petroleum Association.

photo: Nebojša Mandic

Nebojša Atanacković, one of the majority owners of AD "Nafta", points out that it would be no good to add anything to the fuel price:
"I see no logic to add anything to existing fuels, which make up more than 50 percent of the fuel price. This is the easiest way to secure the budget and therefore the price of diesel is higher than in the environment.


What will we pay to the state per liter of gas:
– excise duty
– Compensation Fee
– fuel marking and control fees
– tax on energy efficiency improvement

54% of the price of a liter of diesel fuel consists of state taxes
53% of the price of a liter of gas is a state debt

Kurir.rs/Slavica tomčić

Photo: .Dragana Udovićic


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