Monday , May 17 2021

British Nuclear Suppliers Suppose His Alcohol Supplient Provides Drinking But No Laziness

British scientist David Nat has been working on the development of a synthetic substitute for alcohol for more than a decade, called Alkarel (Alcarelle).

Source: Guardian, Telegram

Illustration / Photo: Depositphotos / draghicich

Illustration / Photo: Depositphotos / draghicich

She claims that those drinks that drink a synthetic beverage can allow alcohol consumption without any consequences, that there will be no sleepwalking, liver disease or cancer associated with consuming large amounts of alcohol.

Alcoholic pies are considered a relatively harmless and easy way to enjoy fun and peace after a hard day. Excessive consumption of alcohol, however, results in exhaustion, moodiness, heart disease, various types of cancer and, of course, psycho-alcoholic addiction to alcohol.

Nat believes that his synthetic formula will act on the body in such a way as to avoid negative side effects.

"The effects of alcohol are complicated but can be directed to the parts of the brain you want," says Nat, who is now working to provide the known effect of his synthetic alcohol molecule while preventing those who drink to "cross the line".

His plan is for Alkarel to be a drink that will not have any toxic effects, it will save health problems because, of course, no one wants to bark.

To produce its own brand of alcohol and sell its distillate formula, Nat had founded the start-up company Alcarelle three years ago. Then he said he would put all the tests needed in five years.

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