Chuka fell after three months, Vukadinovic and Bjelos rejoiced in Krusevac

Chuka fell after three months, Vukadinovic and Bjelos rejoiced in Krusevac

The great Cukaricki series has come to an end. After two games without defeat, Aleksandar Veselinovic's team in Krusevac did not lose points, which is due to double scorer Miljan Vukadinovic, who together with third goal scorer Miroslav Bjelos gave Krusevac valuable points before the national break - 3-1 (0-0).

The match is in the first half of the second half. Vukadinovic was the first in the 53rd minute to be precise from the white spot, and nine minutes later set the final score. Veselinovic the team did not have the strength to return to the game in the last 25 minutes of the game, he tried to answer, but was completely scored by Belos goal in the 83rd minute. The guests had to settle for Luka Stojanovic's honorable goal in the 85th minute. This is their second defeat to the Mountaineers during the Superliga season, as they were eliminated from Backa Topola in the fourth round (0: 1).

Cukaricki remained six points clear of the first-placed Red Star, who will have an opportunity to move on the table tomorrow in Ivanjica. Mountaineers could lose their place if Vojvodina defeats Macva tonight in Krusevac.

Rad, who was better than Spartak (2-0) in his field, achieved a valuable victory, the first after almost two and a half months. Team Dear Radojicic she crowned the opening match brilliantly and with the early goals of Trifunovic and Kasalka settled the question of the winner after just over half an hour of play.

The builders have moved away from Indjija and Machwa, approaching teams that look much more serene at the bottom of the table at the moment.

Mladost took advantage of the defeat of Spartak at Banjica and with the victory over Radnik in Surdulica (1: 0) took eighth place on the table. The only Lucians scored was Milos Shatara in the 39th minute of the match.



Radnik - Mladost Lucani 0: 1 (0: 1)
/ Tent 39 /

Rad - Spartak 2: 0 (2: 0)
/ Trifunovic 1, Kasalica 34 /

Napredak - Cukaricki 3: 1 (0: 0)
/ Vukadinovic 53pen, Vukadinovic 64, Bjelos 82 - Stojanovic 85 /

18.00: (6.00) Sword (3.60) Vojvodina (1.65)

14:30: (14,0) Maple (6,75) Red Star (1,20)
14.30 (2.40) TSC (3.30) Vozdovac (3.00)
16.30: (1.12) Partizan (10.0) Indjija (17.0)
Proleter NS - Workers ** Delayed

*** quotas are subject to change

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