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Condom donation today Today, December 1 – Society

List Today, with a weekend edition on December 1, is every copy of the Maxxes Protect condom on World Boxing Day.

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The World AIDS Day brings together people around the world to raise awareness of the HIV pandemic and demonstrate international solidarity. Today, marked on the 30th in the world, represents a unique opportunity for representatives of governments, state institutions and public health institutions in co-operation with other partners, to inform the public about the current epidemiological situation and to encourage the entire community to provide non-discriminatory and non-judicial access to appropriate services from the domain of prevention of HIV infection, as well as access to treatment, protection and support for people infected with HIV.

The World AIDS Day on December 1 represents the opportunity to leverage the power of social change with an emphasis on individuals to overcome identified shortcomings in response to HIV / AIDS, particularly in the area of ​​prevention among people at risk-based, risky behavior.

This year's campaign in the Republic of Serbia was realized under the slogan "FIND YOUR STATUS". Activities on December 1 are a good example of the uniqueness and comprehensiveness of the national response to an HIV-related epidemic, whereby every institution, institution, organization and / or association takes over leadership within their competencies, complementing each other.

With the support of the Ministry of Health, institutes and public health institutes, in cooperation with the civil sector, the Union of Serbia's organizations dealing with the protection of persons living with HIV, World Health Organization, Health Centers, Schools, Red Cross of Serbia, media and other partners , organizes traditional media conferences, forums and numerous other activities in public places, numerous interactive education in schools and faculties, and then intensifies the provision of voluntary, free, confidential and free counseling and testing services at institutional counseling centers for HIV and other sexually transmitted infections such as and in the field, with an emphasis on people with increased risk of HIV infection.

A national campaign aimed at promoting the importance of HIV testing and increasing the number of people at certain risk levels diagnosed in the early stage of HIV infection as key preventive activities by raising public awareness to reduce the still unjustified stigma and discrimination of people infected with HIV 23 November and will last until the end of December, with numerous activities being carried out in 32 cities in the territory of the Republic of Serbia.

The Serbian Public Health Institute invites all persons who have been in close or long-term risk behaviors to advise on 1 December free and anonymously tested on HIV at the Belgrade Public Health Institute (Bulevar Despot Stefan 54a, 8 to 13 December 1) and the Institute for Health Protection Students in Belgrade (Braće Nedić 28, 8 am to 7 pm in the period from 26 November to 7 December 2018). During the campaign, it will be organized outside the counseling centers and test campaigns outside the HIV / AIDS counseling center in cooperation with the Institute of Public Health and Associations in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Niš, Kragujevac, Kruševac, Raska, Šabac, Valjevo, Užice, Zajecar, , Prokuplje and Vranje, where the test results will be available for 30 minutes.

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