Wednesday , June 23 2021

Cooper 2: She screamed and cried! She is scared and wants to go home! (VIDEO) – Reality & TV Show – Cooper – News

Slobo after the party left the property, the "Coalition 2" realsed and Dejan joined it. Mina did very badly:

"I swear I can not be here anymore, I want to go home, I'm no longer strong at this."

Brendon he tried to calm down and comfort him:

"You're fine, you're only 18, go, these are your feelings, maybe you'll have that kind of time."

mine Then she ran to the Garden of Paradise, where her company was led by Eleonora Miljkovic, who was in all ways faced, but Mina shouted that she wanted to be alone, and finally she began to scream. Whether her emotions are overwhelmed by alcohol or something that's left for us today. See what it looked like.

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