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Disrespect does not live in Humska, please contact another address …

Bata Mirkovic: Disrespect does not live in Humska, please contact another address ...

Partizan will play in Lucan on Saturday (15.30) on the 18th round of the Superliga team, and black and white coach Zoran Mirkovic during the last talk before the match against Mladost was forced to talk more about the previous encounter with Dinamo from Vranje.

There was a lot of dust in the public because of the latest information that this meeting was under the umbrella of the Ethics Committee of the Football Association of Serbia at Uefa's request, and all after the strangest reactions of the Vranjanans who after a match in Humska (6: 0) accused their goalkeeper Uros Djuric that he deliberately played the goals, or that he set up the game.
"I would just say that dishonesty does not live in Humska. If someone wants to deal with these things, obviously there, turn to another address", He said Mirkovic.

Asked whether he reported media reports about recent events, the chief of the Partisan profession said:
"I wanted to, I do not want to hear, I hear, I see, I look … And again, there is a wall of silence about some things .. Whenever something controversial – Partizan is concerned. It's a famous game two weeks ago (Proleter – Radnicki Nis ) it seems that no one is of no interest ".

From Dinamo even openly threatened the goalkeeper …
"It was with their stories before the game, that if they were lost, they had to fly their heads to everyone, so they told them … I will not deal with these things anymore. man change?"

As for the games with the youth Mirkovic He is very careful and remembers that the team at the beginning of the season in Humska took the point of black and white.
"It will be extremely difficult, it is a tough opponent, disciplined, experienced, a real competitive team." For a few years now they are at the top of the Serbian football team, they have long a skeleton for the team, which is rare.".

Mirkovic He is also looking for a comparison of power ratios now and before the final chase, which was black and white with 2: 1.
"This game is different, but look at the first match in the championship … We know they took two points at home, that's the same team plus Odita." I repeat, a solid, competitive team will be difficult to secure".

The transitional period is approaching, many Partizan players are mentioned as the wishes of European clubs …
"In the meantime, we still have four games to the end and we try to get all the energy to focus on the field, and because someone is interested in our players – that's logical. All the guys who have the potential, are good at playing for the club and for his representation ".

Health bulletin ahead of Lucan?
"There were some problems with the rough players, I will determine the composition of the basics, but first I will hear the medical report, he concluded Bata Mirković.

photo: MN Press

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