Tuesday , January 19 2021

Djuric: Lazar Markovic? The best transfer in Partizan history

The former black and white president claims Partizan was profitable

PHOTO: V. Markovic

The Football League report, released on German "Spiegel", about transfers Lazarus Markovic and Danilo Pantic from Partizan, or – selling the right to an agent of a well-known manager Pini Zahavi, then President Steam Roller returned – Dragan Đurić.

Lazar Marković? The best transfer in Partizan history He cried Djuric, obviously referred to a subject in the Serbian media, came from abroad, not even waiting to ask him a question.

What does this point to?

"We did not invest a dinar in Lazarus, we sold him for seven million! Divine guy and football player, I do not understand why he does not play in a big club. Maybe it would be best to return to Partizan shortly, do you know what this league is for? Lotus lottery!

The theme is – Zahavi?

– What the agency did after work, I do not care!

Pantic transfer?

– Well, they face the wrong facts … I do not even remember the transfer at a time when I was not in Partizan. Pantic went off at the time of the current administration!

Does your voice seem bitter?

– I'm trying all the ways to extend the deal with Pantic. Father did not want it, he was dishonest. Do you know if I would return him to Partizana? Never!

How did you do it? Nikolom Damjancem and Pinin Zahavi?

It's extremely accurate! Very good transfers, Partizan was profitable. What is Pini after the radio really does not care me he stressed Dragan Đurić.

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