Friday , April 23 2021

DO NOT DO, DO NOT OPEN YOURSELF! This is the epilogue of Nadezhda Petrovic's murder (80) from Koceetina Crna kronika

Gordana Petrović, 59, from Kochetin Zabar, will not go to jail for murdering her mother Nadezhda (80), but refers to treatment and custody of a psychiatric institution of a closed type. This decision was made by the Higher Public Prosecutor's Office in Pozarevac, signed by Deputy Prosecutor Miroslav Vojinović, because psychiatric expertise found that the suspects before and during the crime were not counted.

The Multidisciplinary Commission of the Psychiatrist has determined that it suffers from a healthy personality disorder, and there is a risk of repetition of this work. During the investigation, Gordana found that on the night between 13 and 14 October she dropped her mother gasoline and lit it while she was in bed. The mother then left the house, took off her nightgown and fled in front of the yard. However, her daughter caught up with her, crashed to the ground and stopped with one hand.

According to autopsy findings, Nadezhdie's body was 50% affected by severe burns and died due to sublingual bone fractures.


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