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Do you know why 11/11 is a special day? The symbolism of numbers is such that you have to use it

November 11th is a very special day.

Special symbolism 11.11.

Special symbolism 11.11. Photo: Profimedia

So says numerology, which describes number 11 as an extremely powerful number, quite a combination of numbers 11 and 11 as an incredibly powerful compound spiritual awakening and strong beginnings (11 itself is the number of beginning, intuition, reversal).

Today, with the combined action of "11 and 11", it brings us strong energy to awaken in ourselves new potentials, e new power to turn our lives around or achieve significant insights (said spiritual awakening) that can change our life path.

Aren't you born on November 11?

Aren't you born on November 11?Photo: Profimedia

And most importantly, the changes we can initiate are usually positive. The turnarounds that follow do not outweigh our capabilities, they just give us the opportunity to jump out of the routine and dare to wish for something more.

As numerology says, universe 11.11. sends a message that we pay attention to what our heart and soul are saying.


Today is also a great opportunity to meet a "soulmate", this is a day of meeting lovers who understand each other perfectly, and all November is otherwise the month of love.

November 11 was particularly strong last year, which was in November 11, but also this year 11.11. brings with it strong symbolism.

And for some it will not be just a special day because it is hesitant to hopefully feel the effect of this symbolism.

And on the special 11.11. Leonardo DiCaprio and Demi Moore were born, as was Nina Senicar. He says people born today have the same energy as the magic numbers of their birth.

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