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Dragan Bjelogrlic: Normal Man – People

"Send me all the poisons in the future. I am here by name and surname. Do not touch family, children, not just me, anyone, any public figure, politicians, functionaries on either side," Bjelogrlic said at a press conference. his son hit the tabloids, focused on a car accident he caused 14 months ago.

Photo: FoNet / Media Center

The media chase began at the height of the promotion of the new season of "Shadows over the Balkans", and after the interview, Bjelogrlic gave Dana and TV Nova S, in which he outlined his views on the society in which he lives.

The series of untruths the tabloids then marketed ranged from the fact that his son killed a man and inaccurately, injured his leg, fled the scene, which is also incorrect because he immediately called an ambulance and was with the injured, that everything was settled by a settlement. but not by regular legal procedure, as in the case of every other citizen, Bjelogrlić emphasized.

He also said he learned that the texts against his daughter, who participated in protests against the dictatorship, were saved in 2017.

In public, as well as in the circle of his associates, Bjelogrlic was perceived as a makeup artist and hairless in his tongue, although his views were generally not inflammatory and aggressive. When a statement was made in the media that he was sorry that Jovan Divjak was not at the premiere of his movie "Montevideo", Bjelogrlić apologized publicly, although, as he explained, a tendency was sought for the former JNA officer and later Brigadier General of the BiH Army.

He was never a member of any political party even though he was offered it. He always points out how important freedom is to him and how important that feeling is to him in his work. He prefers uncertainty and creates art with friends he understands, than as a regular member of a theater ensemble.

He said he had a price because he did not go through the classical repertoire of, say, Hamlet, but that is why, when he developed into a mature actor, he showed his magnificent talent in the sphere of production, directing, screenwriting. Some of the key projects of this kind were the series "They Will Return", the movie "Montevideo God saw you", while "Shadows over the Balkans" brought a whole new style and aesthetics to the domestic media.

Bjelogrlić himself had an interesting observation on the subject, saying it was interesting that in 2014 and 2015 our media space was occupied by series whose access we could characterize as & # 39; rural & # 39; because they were called & # 39; village & # 39 ;. "This was happening at the time of urban power in Serbia. We now have one rural government and a very urban country.

This is absurd, we live here, but the situation with the series is moving in a positive direction, ”explained Bjelogrlić. He also deserves the risk of launching his series with so-called binging, which has allowed generations of young and non-aligned actors to try their hand at his projects. Several years ago, he was called a hero in the media because he transported an injured boy to a hospital and saved him from bleeding.

To these epithets, Bjelogrlić calmly replied that he had done nothing that no other normal person had done.


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