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ĐUKANOVIĆ UNDERSTANDING CORRUPTION PUBLICATIONS AND SHOCKING SERBIA: Some advancers need to be replaced or arrested, they must not be stronger than the system! | news

The Serbian Progressive Party slipped to the scenario to become a company like the DS when it ruled precisely because of the formerly brutally appointed Aleksandar Vucic at the session of the General Board, warned progressive leader Vladimir Djukanovic and calls on the SNS president to firmly fight against of all arrogant and corrupt people who went on with old practice because they saw no effect.

Who is stronger

– The public has to see clearly – or Vucic will show determination to the people he calls or know that they are far stronger than the whole system so that we are not fools. Elem, if all that is said in the "Foresters," Vučić said, and there is no dilemma to be, the order is that the prominent should be replaced by the name and surname, to discover what they did and even some of them. which the Prosecution definitively received the last word – the SNS deputy said and announced that it ceased all its party activities because it did not want to fight for those whom Vučić "directly called for the worst possible evil."

In the opinion of political analyst Dejan Vuk Stankovic, this move should be understood as a serious signal that a progressive perestroika could happen.


– After seven years of SNS's rule and domination on the political scene, it would not be a bad idea to force a party from all the troubled staffs in order not to experience the fate of the DS, which is synonymous with corruption and that only in these "yellow thieves" color. This will require the SNS's will and the work of state bodies will be flawless. If the line is not withdrawn, sooner or later everyone can be in the background – estimates Stankovic and concludes:

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– It is necessary to make a cut, send a clear message to officials that Serbia should not be prey and hide behind the popularity of the leader. If everything remains at the announcement level, it will be counterproductive and the party will face a bad voice.

At the GO SNS session, Vučić announced a move to the party about a month ago and told his officials not to look at their luxury.

B. Bojić / Photo: Ana Paunković

Miloš Vučević

I understand the resistance,
Vučić has a vision

photo: Stefan Jokić

SNS Vice President Milos Vučević told Kurir to understand Djukanovic's resistance, but he is sure that Vučić knows who and how much he works for the party, has a vision of how the SNS will develop in the future:
"I mean the announcement that the party will open the door to new people, young people and, above all, to be more directly connected with people, accessible to citizens. I think that Djukanovic should continue his work in the party as a proven honest and loyal member.

Zorana Mihajlović

Incredible, but the day has come
to support Đukanović's position

photo: Ana Paunković

– Frankly, I did not believe the day would come when I fully support everything Vladimir Djukanovic wrote. But with only a small difference, because I think most SNSs are those who find solutions and give results, not those who are just looking for an excuse to give up – says SNS president Zoran Mihajlovic.


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