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Flashback in Pioneer: The Art of Conquest

Flashback in Pioneer: The Art of Conquest

Tradition is the beauty that has been preserved. Six words are legendary Duško Vujošević, packed in one place, like a ball Rade Zagorac sent to the basket, describe it in the most effective way that happened tonight in Pionir. Although some viewers were not born when the black and white and Cibona rivalries were born, they had the chance to return 30 years back to the time of old Yugoslavia when the jewels of European basketball leaders led the epic battles. overgrown Belgrade sports stadium, this time a happy black and white place, which in the seventh round of the ABA League entered the fourth victory and preserved the beauty of conquering popular Vukos from Tuškanac after having disarmed them on the first floor for nine consecutive times. As usual – 86:67.

More importantly, they showed signs of heavy knockout (six linked defeats) and transfer of coaches, leading them to a new, Andree Trinkijerija, recorded the third victory in a row. It remains to be written and remembered, and mistakes are inexcusable and unacceptable for a team that aims to analyze and correct it. A team who looks nasty when it's gone Rada Zagorec, and in the summer when a long-awaited newcomer is playing the best way of knowing. In derby, his three trophies in the third part proved to be decisive and promoted to one of the barricades of celebration. else, Aleksej Nikolić he made a mistake about which shoulders should not occur (and when that is not allowed at the beginning of the last part), but before that there is no measurable contribution on both sides of the parquet, which is not only seen in the columns but has a subjective impression (you could only hear the ovation he greeted after the fifth sentence), providedZagoracbefore that i Vanji Marinković to the devastating joy of joy among Grocers. The third was excellent Džok Lenjend who might have played the best in black and white jersey.

Though there were times when it seemed that those bumps would not burn. Because …

Time is like kids, time like adults. It seems that most of Partizan's matches (and this season) must be the same as described above Andrea Trinkijeri. Marked up and down. As well as Trent against resentment and despair and back, so the seventh round of the ABA league was kicking basketball through the nerves of fans. At one point he threw them into disbelief and then into the euphoria. This second effect can best be seen in the scandalous poor start of the host, unintentional transfer of balls, meaningless attacks and play for himself, not the team, which is why Zagrepci through Mark Ljubicic and Damir Markote Get 15 goals in the early stages of the match (23: 8).

And then the pioneer Pionir swallowed the guests, Aleksej Nikolić started black and white and thanks to the huge energy and pointer effect the host provided not only equalization but also total turnover. In that rush of emotion from the board and a large defensive approach to the floor, the steam roller passed exactly 25 minutes on the road for exactly seven minutes and 20 seconds. There were moments in which it was Nikolic speculated everything he wanted (three three), stole four balls with him and followed him Markus Paige (two long-range images), Bandza Si he danced at the audience from the seat and it seemed that after such a fierce game he was a band Andree Trinkijerija I can count on a slightly more comfortable approach. Because when someone does 25: 0, they can relax, do not they?

No, if you ask Cibosa. She raised her Ivan Jelić with a bench Filipa Bundovic, in cooperation with Damir Markot returned the guests to support minus, given the fact that they survived before the break. There were two troika there Josip Bilinovac and Croats returned the advantage (51:50), but when he answered them useful Džok Lenjend (one failure from the game) and, in the manner described above, were included in the second half Marinkovic and Zagorac (they took the team up to a maximum of 21), it became clear that Partizan would relieve the muscles in front of the two roaming links in St. Petersburg and Podgorica.

Maybe it'll be like before.



Zadar – Mega 80:84
/ Litl 22 – Mušidi 18 /


Olimpija – Red Star 60:83
/ Reynolds 17 – Beron 17 /

Partizan – Cibona 86:67
/ Lendale 19 – Bundovic 17 /
21.00: (1.17) Cedevita (20.0) Igokea (5.50)

19.00: (2.30) Mornar (14.5) Future (1.70)

18.00: (1.25) FMP (17.0) Krka (4.40)

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