Flu vaccination starts tomorrow

Flu vaccination starts tomorrow
qimono (CC0), Pixabay

Podgorica, (MINA) - Seasonal influenza vaccination at the Health Center in Podgorica will begin tomorrow, the health institution said, noting that enough vaccines have been provided.

According to the announcement, all citizens recommended for vaccination should come to the Health Center Podgorica with their chosen doctor, where they are registered and order the vaccination, as the vaccine should not be received by people who have fever or acute illness at the time of vaccination.

Podgorica Health Center explained that the vaccination of the population is carried out with the aim of reducing the disease, transmitting the virus to the family, the collective and the population, and thus preserving their own health.

"Vaccination is being conducted to maintain the collective immunity of the population, especially those who are indicated to administer the vaccine, to prevent possible complications and serious clinical forms of the disease," the statement said.

Podgorica Health Center explained that the target groups are at increased risk, and it is necessary to receive the flu vaccine, all citizens over 65, pregnant women, children older than six months, chronic patients.

They noted that people with reduced immune function, including those with HIV / AIDS, those with transplanted organs and / or cells, and healthcare professionals are at increased risk.

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