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FOREIGN CARE FOR SERBIA! Israel wins the "eagles" and makes it difficult for them to go to the World Cup!

Disastrously the last quarters were played, total decommissioning and 21 lost balls were defeated by Serbia, although they played most of the match.

"The Eagles" now have no where, they will have to know on Monday that they will win the Greek national team in Belgrade, which has already secured a placement on the Mundial.

By the last quarter, Serbia was in the heels with Israel, mostly had a smaller advantage. However, in the last 10 minutes, the host decided to go to anything or nothing, as if defeat definitely lost all the chances of getting into the World Cup.

Israel got everything – everything! Even five of the trophies scored domestic results, only four Pninias in the first four minutes, and this bang was completely beaten by Aleksandar Djordjevic's team. "Orloves" entered the field arena with their rival, although their game was unknown.

When they calmed down, Serbian basketball players managed to get to the game – 74:74, but this was the last time they did in the game.

(29:24, 14:21, 16:15, 24:14)

Hall: "Tel Aviv Arena". Referees: Roso (France), Chiulin (Romania), Jilmaz (Turkey).

Israel: Ariel, Blat 10, Cubreich, Koen 14, Douson 9, Di Bartolomeo 7, Ginat 6, Levi 2, Pnini 18, Timor, Zalmanson 7, Zosman 10.

SERBIA: Avramovic 6, Bircevic 10, Djokovic, Dobric, Gagic 4, Jelovac 2, Jovanovic, Lazic 3, Milosavljevic 17, Peno 7, Raduljica 12, Simonovic 13.


Fourth Quarter:

THE END! Serbia lost 83:74!

Penny lost 21 balls in Serbia!

Milosavljevic threw a desperate dog, Raduljica, who lost the ball …

Fall in the worst moment! Blat scored a goal against FAF – 79:74. There will also be additional throws. Djordjevic took the time, but only 1:20 finished. Explosion of the bomb – 80:74.

Blat has won three for Israel for a long time – 77:74.

The radar from the pitcher brings the equalizer – 74:74.

Finally, Peno finally struck, with the help of Raduljica – 74:72.

Last Basket for Serbia, Birčević in Milosavljević Assistant – 74:70. The rest is up to 4:20 by the end.

Serbia entered the race with the Israelis, all in the field turned into a general grid that hosts the whole game.

And another Troy Pinyi – 74:68!

Pnini has still thrown three – 71: 68 – It is impossible to defend what the Israeli player does, he gets shot and takes the ball.

The Israelis in the last quarter beat only three, go to anything or nothing! Pnini was again accurate, but he returned Milosavljevic to a basket of offense – 68:68.

Avramovic lost the ball in the first attack, and Blat punished with three – 60:62. Avramovic left and struck in three – 63:62. And then, Troy Cohen! Israeli Israel 65:63.

Marko Šimonović with 13 points is now the first "eagle" penalty in the match.

Third Quarter:

Action Gagic Simonovic Brings Serbian Leadership – 60:59. It could have been more convincing, but Avramovic had destroyed the last assault in the quarter.

Hard kick of Avramovic, but – triple (59:58)!

Pnini hit three points and now "minus four" for Serbia – 57:53. Djordjevic took the time.

Here is the milestone: Di Bartolomeo punished another bad attack on Serbia, and now Israel leads – 54:53.

Penalizer misses both throws (53:50) and Koen adds two more points, and Israel is again close (53:52).

Šimonović in solo action and dunk! Vodi Srbija 51:47. Raduljica adds points (53:47), the host has time.

This has shaken the defense of Serbia, but it is in the attack of attack, where the solution is difficult.

Douson opens the third quarter with points – 45:45. And Šimonović is in three, for the first Serbia points below – 48:45 for our team.

Milosavljevic with 12 points is the most effective in the game, and Raduljica and Bircevic follow him in eight.

Second Quarter:

Stefan Peno won three seconds before the end and led Serbia to half-time – 45:43.

Troika Simonovića – 43:41! Now they are resting home, 32 seconds to rest.

Zosman hits the distance, Israel leads 41:40, remaining 52 seconds to half, Djordjevic has given up.

Now in series 5: 0 and leads 39:38. Raduljica won eight, while Milosavljevic scored 12 points.

Again dominated by four differences with respect to Gina – 38:34.

Trio Lazić and Serbia Equalize – 34:34.

Three Bircsic from Table 32:29.

Two desperately organized attacks on Serbia resulted in lost balls and nine-meter shooting in the last second …

Radulica, after a minute and the game, puts the first points in a quarter (29:26), but matches the Zalmanson three (32:26).

First Quarter:

Milosaljevic won two points in the last second and the final result of the first quarter – 29:24 for Israel.

Finally, a number of home players broke up, Gagic drew two points – 27:22.

The third three Israeli rebels, this time Pnini – 25:20. Now it's 11: 0! Zalmanson added another two – 27:20.

Mini series of domestic 5: 0 and score is 20:19 for Serbia. Immediately, Blatta is three miles to eight meters and Israel takes over the lead – 22:20. Djordjevic took the time.

Penny basket, so beautiful task for Gagić – 20:14.

Three of Milosavljević, the first for Serbia – 13:11 leads "Eagles". Birčević adds three times – 16:11.

Four consecutive points of Raduljica, Serbia is approaching 7: 6. Now, six series of Raduljica in the series and the first lead of our team – 8: 7.

Two candidates for Israel after the lost balls of Serbia – 7: 2.

Trio Sean Dousona opens the match – 3: 0. Milosavljevic with a difficult position won the first points for Serbia – 3: 2.

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