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I stopped smoking and I'm not guilty to say how

I'm sure your ears are full of the fact that smoking is not healthy, damaging you and people in your area, you are clear that the only product that says it is kills, and people are still buying it and I will not tell you why you should stop smoking. However, for all those who like to stop but give up before they try – I think I broke a good recipe. Because, after 15 years with a cigarette on my lips in good and evil, I think I can get rid of "dry".

I have never tried this before, somehow this idea has always pushed in the statement that it is "better to smoke than to rub my nerves". Of course, I did not just smoke when I was tense with the nerves – smoking rituals at all moments when everything was a pot, when it was hard for me, when it was nice, when I was hungry and when I was sitting, when I was excited when we were bored when I have to concentrate when I have to relax … Definitely for everyone. On the other hand, I realized that there is no such stress that can be measured by the situation when I'm not near a cigar or near a traffic light; or when it takes five hours to spend at an airport that does not have room for smokers …

I did not rule out the list of reasons for "for" and "against" counseling therapists, breaking the awareness that I feel very miserable as an addict and the fact that many people, passionate smokers, have seen how they stopped smoking at the time they told them. bad news. It can, and it also means – I will not wait for that moment.

And so I decided to burn the plague and pulled a little to make a plan. It was clear that it would be tense – they say that cigarette dependence is almost the same as heroin dependence, it is inevitable that you will become fatigued and talk about smokers as patients. I was frustrated, but I got the necessary information about "tricks" that could facilitate this process. He says you have to drink as much water between meals as you need to smear vitamin C and vitamin B, shower every time because you get tepid or go to bed, avoid alcohol, spicy, sweet and the like. Everything I understood and designed tactics, and if it fails – Plans B are the drugs that I've heard are very effective.

The first day of the test. In the morning I bought a bag of sunflower seeds in the shell, which I usually do not like, but something seemed to help me in crisis situations. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a totally unacceptable solution when my hands started shaking, so I dropped the glass, so I sat for a while on the floor and cried like rain. They did not particularly help me when I fucked a woman who pushed me into the bus and almost made an incident. They were so useless that I suddenly sank into the kitchen at one time, but then half an hour I returned one by one back to my bag, calming my nerves.

I still see that I have those unlucky seeds in my bag, but the next few days I have been able to develop my "smoking smoker" technique – your body, accustomed to regular and bulky nicotine doses, and your mind, which is even more problematic. The thing is, I'm going to try to get rid of all the situations my cigarette is intended for. What initially required drastic changes in my everyday habits.

For example, I avoided the first morning cigarette with coffee substituting coffee with some terrible tea whose taste would not boost the cigar. Otherwise, I do not like to burn as soon as my teeth floss, so I used it when I was at home – the flange of my teeth whenever I think of the plague. Or I throw myself in the shower until I exhaust the whole boiler. After meals, I get so much water to get sick. Not comfortable, but it works, at least for starters.

And I do not care if I act like a total madman as I blame myself with all sorts of real and completely irrelevant obligations and procedures that could take my attention for a while and take it off – from going to the store just to buy acid bombs through daily cleaning with various creams, solo yoga in the attempt, matching eye shades in colors and shapes, going to a gym for exercises that I spend alongside time and calories, playing stupid games on the cellphone, I started cooking, and occasionally I started to make up for work when I got up early. ..

Every day I drink vitamins, and since I realized the concentration problem, I started to drink ginkgo in the capsules. I do not know if it really works or just trying to do it, it is completely out of the ordinary – in this case, I think the goal justifies the funds, and I was sufficiently concerned not to blame me for such a brutally wrong mixing. Otherwise, he was very busy at work because they cut off the best moments of the day. I do not miss it, but instead of cigarettes in my mouth I wear a candy or lollipop, and it's not uncomfortable for me to keep an unforgettable cigar.

Yes, another important moment in my case was to announce to everyone in the area that I stopped smoking. First, they will have more understanding of my crises, emotional outbursts, and all crazy jokes. Second, if I give up this, it will be a public failure, and knowing myself, I will make every effort not to come to that. In addition, in this type of business, this is a kind of support, no matter how much you are in this fight with you.

However, first of all, understand the changes you notice on yourself.

Just two days after the last cigarette I stopped craming in the morning and people began to notice that I was no longer "pale yellow". After a week, I began to feel how much a thing was smothered with a smoky smoke and how bad it was, I paused to leave so fast and began to feel stronger in order to feel the flavors and smells. It is not ignorant that two weeks later I realized that this whole campaign was worth it – for the first time I did not wait for the end of the decoded month.

Nevertheless, despite all this, I continue to try every day to sit and shake half the hell in the bowl. Fortunately, physical addiction seems to be cured quickly, and now that I raise and lower it, it slows down in my head and makes me sick, and my head hurts and hurts my lungs and sweats and inflames the heart and returns to the "regimen" ".

And today, 20 days after the big decision and only on the Statehood Day without tobacco smoke, I waited to wake up and my cigarette was not the first thought. I hope this will be the first sign of winning psychic addiction.

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