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Juventus is dead! They killed him in the concept of crazy Atalante and released Duvan Zapat (VIDEO)

Juventus is dead! They killed him in the concept of crazy Atalante and released Duvan Zapat (VIDEO)

And people in Juventus play. And I can lose. And they can be overwhelmed. Even humiliated! What Italy did not believe this season has to believe from tonight. Juventus will not defend the double crown because the myth of immortality Bjankonera was broken by the spectacular Atalant and its machine gun Duvan Zapata.

With two goals in the Colombian defensive, Atalanta kept football time in Juventus, scoring it 3: 0 on small pieces and entering the semi-finals of the Italian Cup where Fiorentina is waiting to clear the way with Roma.

What kind of team, this Atalanta! What is pressure, what is football? They may not get anything, but they are the bald eyes of every football fan. Like the Params from the '90s, only a lot poorer and more romantic. Nothing strange in Juventus overtime tonight … When Atalanta has her day, she can take care of everyone. "Gaspersonova" The company has long been playing the most beautiful football in Italy, and tonight it was in the shadow of the skin that felt almighty Juventus with all the invisible Cristiano Ronaldo, They did not know what they did …

Juventus without hurt Mandzukic and Bonućija, i Pjanic who was on the bench, did not look like him. It did not create a 100% chance of a goal. Atalanta killed him at a journalist conference. Even when he was injured in the middle of the first half Chiellini and had to be replaced, Juventus looked like a broken gang. Worse than for the weekend in the first 60 desperate minutes against Lazio. But this time they did not have the luck to go out. What Lazio missed, Atalanta struck tonight.

Recovers Kjelinijeva replacement Joao Kanselo Atalanti gave the ball 37 minutes into the match Timoti Kastanj matte Vojčeha Ščenskog who had saved Juventus so far.

Just two minutes later, sensational tobacco Zapata as a bulldozer turned to the edge of the sixth and achieved another hit in Juventus. The Azuri Azuri Stadium overturned! Atalanta smelled of the Juventus breakthrough. Soon he's nervous Alegre because of the pressure of judges.

Juve tried everything in the second half but did not create a human chance for a fantastic host. All that Bjankoneri had been able to get from a few breaks. It's over Zapata cut off the desperate dog De Sheila and one more goal in the match, hit the nail in Juventus' most difficult defeat at home competitions in recent years. Divan Colombia was the 17th goal in the last 10 games!

Atalanta is in the semi-finals, and there are two great matches against the exciting Fiorentina.

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