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KARADJORDJEVIĆ PUBLISHES APPEALS: The Court will also seek Strasbourg society


November 30, 2018 11:02 |

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Legal Representative of Crown Prince Aleksandra: The Agency should not decide on this case because it is a subject of a special law

The family of the family of the Kingdom of Karadjordjevic will appeal to the announced decision of the Return Agency to pay the White Palace complex on Dedinje together with other real estate for which it is legally authorized. This was announced by Zoran Zivanovic, legal representative of Crown Prince Aleksandra.

According to Živanovic, the Administrative Court annulled the Agency's decision to reject Karadjordjevic's claim to deprive the court complex of repayment or remission. However, the Agency can not now make a decision on compensation for the Court because it has no right to decide on it before adopting a special law.

– The Law on Restitution of Property states that the Court will make a decision on a special law. The Karadjordans had to file a claim for the restitution of all the property taken from them, even for the Beli and the Old Court. However, the agency was not allowed to decide before the adoption of a special law, Zivanovic said.

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In particular, he can not make a decision on remuneration for the court complex and for other real estate up to a legal maximum amount of 500,000 euros. This may be the legal maximum for the payment of other property to which the dynasty is entitled, but the decision on the Court must be made later, in accordance with the future law.

THE PRINCIPAL COMMUNITY Among the most valuable things demanded by Prince Pavel's heirs are three paintings by Nicholas Pusen from the White Palace, an amazing collection of porcelain service "Sevr" purchased at an auction in Paris, as well as "rols-roses" from 1929, located in the garage of the City of White Palace . A special story is the prince's collection of gold coins in the famous "Safe 555" (so-called Tito Safe) in the NBS.

– If the Restitution Agency really makes a decision on compensation before the law is passed, we will again appeal to the Ministry of Finance and then to the Administrative Court. If the Administrative Court confirms the decision of the Agency, we will address the Constitutional Court and the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg – announces Zivanovic.

As the "News" has already been published, the state is preparing to pay for the White Palace dynasty along with its other property.

– Serbia has expanded the possession of Karadjordje and it would be natural for this property to be returned to Karadjordja and Karadjordja's offspring. In any other country, there would be no discussion at all – says academician Matija Bećković, member of the Krunski Council.

Dragoljub Acovic, also a member of the Council of Governors, believes that the idea that members of the royal family will be completely repatriated from 500,000 euros – dishonest. He believes there is room for natural return.

– What kind of justice do we talk about whether you can remove something under the excuse "I need it," and then say "because you get as much money as I do" ?! I do not think the court complex can return to nature just because it is a subject of culture of particular national importance, because there are other objects of national significance, but they are private – says Acovic.

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If, however, there is a salary for 10 royal successors, the question is whether equally compensated. According to the judgment of 27 October 1938, the property of King Alexander the United was divided into three equal parts between Petrova, Tomislav and Andrija. However, the property of Queen Mary is not. In addition, there is an extremely valuable movable property in the yard complex which was left for Prince Paul, who was not the subject of this, but a special request for the return of Prince Jelisavet and Prince Aleksandar.

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