Sunday , May 9 2021

Lečić: I laughed Željko and me

Political struggle can not be reduced to personal, today's Democratic Party (DS) Branislav Lecic said and warned that "freedom and democracy are threatened in this country." He said that his laugh at the protest was directed to all those who think that "malignant tumor will win".

"We all have to react if we think we are living as free citizens, not as subjects," Lecic said.

"Against Zeljko Mitrović, I have nothing private or against his private television," said Lecic.

He, however, has a lot of "against the violation of the national frequency contract on the shooting of that television on an agitproping machine of any party."

"It is not in the function of national television," Zeljko knows, and it still does. He only knows the reasons for that, "says Lecic.

"My laughter has been sent to all those who think that malignant tumor will win and I'm honest," Lecic stressed, "I laughed at Zeljko and myself because this has happened to us already."

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