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Lester spoils the party of the rich again

Leicester City have more points after the 11th round of the Premier League than in November 2015/16.

Milan Tomic

Photo by Bryn Lennon / Getty Images

Photo by Bryn Lennon / Getty Images

While the football public is interested in how much the Brendon Rodgers company can play, good play, records and 23 points have added extra optimism to the "handcuffs" fans as well as to all football fans who always favor smaller teams.

Since 2016, circumstances have changed. Visayas Srivadanaprabha, owner of Lester, tragically died last year while Claudia Ranieri was fired only a season after her historic success.

Of the team that shocked the world three years ago and won the first England title, there are only two important players left – goalkeeper and striker, Casper Schmayhel and Jamie Wardie.

There are also four members of the championship generation: Captain Ves Morgan and Daniel Amarty are mostly off the protocol, while Mark Albrighton and Christian Fuchs spend games on the reserve bench.

Photographed by Clive Mason / Getty Images

Photographed by Clive Mason / Getty Images

Some ended their careers, some simply disappeared from the big stage, while others, again, paid for that wonderful season and secured big contracts in "bigger" teams than Leicester – a real example of this is Ngolo Kante and Riyad Mahrez.

Casper Schmayhel – stayed in the club; first goalie, captain
Mark Schwarzer – retired
Ritchie de Laet – plays in Antwerp
Danny Simpson – fired this summer, playing for Huddersfield
Ves Morgan – stayed in the club, lost his starter position
Robert Hut – retired in January this year after a serious injury
Marcin Vasilevski – a 2017 Wisla Krakow game.
Christian Fuchs – remained in the club but in the background with Rogers
Mark Albrighton – stayed in the club, mostly "warming the bench"
Ngolo Kante – plays for Chelsea, meanwhile becoming world champion with France
Andy King – on loan at Rangers
Daniel Amarty – remained in the club but after a serious knee injury he does not get a chance
Jeff Schlup – a play for the 2017 Crystal Palace.
Riyadh Mahrez – after a long transfer saga, 2018 is with the city he won PL with
Shinji Okazaki – Released this summer, he plays in Segunda for Malaga
Leonardo Uljoa – has changed a lot of clubs, currently plays for Rayo Vallecano
Andrej Kramarić – plays for Hoffenheim with success
Jamie Wardand – has remained at the club, currently the Premier League's top scorer

Claudio Ranieri and Brandon Rogers

Photographed by Michael Regan / Getty Images

Photographed by Michael Regan / Getty Images

Comparisons 15/16 and 19/20:

Possession of the ball: 42% – 59%
Short Belts: 3696 – 5862
Long balls: 696 – 559
Belt Performance: 71% – 82%

Like any team run by an Italian strategist, Lester based his game on the slogan "goal justifies the means", that is, in the first place it was not the beauty of football, but the fight, discipline, long balls and counterattack, which 2015/16 showed you how effective it is.

"This team works much more fluidly and has a lot more attacking players on the team. Lester is hard to beat in 2016, defended with a low block, allowed throws in the penalty area because they had two huge stoppers (Hut and Morgan) who cleared everything got ahead of the goal, and he had two world-class players, Kante and Mahrez. Today's Lester team has young, athletic players. If they have to, they can defend themselves well and play strong teams. But they can also keep the ball in his possession and completely control the game when the other team is weaker. ", BBC analysis shows.

Today, the "handcuffs" under Brandon Rodgers play much more varied than they did last year, controlling the ball, owning, attacking more, and statistics are on his side.

For example, Ranieri and his team collected 22 points in the first 11 rounds, with a goal difference of 23:19, while today's "Lester" is significantly more successful, scoring 23 points, 27 goals scored and 8 goals scored.

Rogers' defense, along with Sheffield United, is the best in the league, and only attacking Manchester City champions is more effective than Wardie and the team.

Attractive and football without calculations and "brakes", former Liverpool and Celtics strategists proved a few weeks ago in a match with Southampton. They celebrated 9-0 and set a new record – the most convincing triumph in Premier League away games.

Brandon's handcuffs

Photo by Catherine Ivill / Getty Images

Photo by Catherine Ivill / Getty Images

Table after Round 11:

1. Liverpool 31 (25: 9)
2. M. City 25 (34:10)
3. Lester 23 (27: 8)
4. Chelsea 23 (25:17)
5. Arsenal 17 (16:15)

Brandon Rogers replaced Claude Puel in February this year, and it was evident from game to game that the limited team was slowly moving forward.

Leicester finished in the top half of the list and about 100,000,000 were invested in strengthening the team in the summer transition.

Agios Peres (Newcastle, £ 30m), Dennis Praet (Sampdoria, £ 19m), James Austin (£ 6m) arrived at the club, while a contract for Yuri Tillemans of Monaco was bought for around £ 40,000,000.

In terms of departures, he is certainly Manchester United's most significant player for £ 78,000,000, stopping the 26-year-old as the most expensive paid defender in football history. Some famous names like Shinji Okazaki, Andy King, Denny Simpson, Rashid Gezal and Islam Slimani have also left the club.

The assumption that Megweyer's move to the Red Devils would greatly affect this team's defensive performance has proven to be incorrect. Some new kids were floating around, most notably Turkish international Changlar Ujungju, who is a great stopper with adroit Johnny Evans.

The defensive rampart in front of goal by Casper Schmayhel also includes Ricardo Pereira and Ben Chillwell (22), who is "threatening" to soon become "number one" on the left flank of the English national team.

Photo by Naomi Baker / Getty Images

Photo by Naomi Baker / Getty Images

Archery List:

1. Дж. Vardy – 10
2. T. Abraham – 9
3. S. Aguero – 9
4. P. Obameyang – 8
5. R. Sterling – 7

Also, it seemed that the "handcuffs" for the French "Durasel", in the form of a diminished Ngolo Kante, could hardly find a replacement, however, Wilfred Ndidi grew into a true warrior, an "octopus" who collects "nobody's" balls across the field.

Yuri Tilemans and James Madison are left completely ahead of the Nigerian national team, while Harvey Barnes and Ajose Peres play an important role in supplying Vardy with usable balls.

As for Jamie Wardie, he is currently the Premier League's top scorer (10 goals in 11 appearances). The Great Rebel fought a lot under Claude Powell, but the arrival of Brandon Rodgers completely "blossomed".

Although it seemed that the season of the 32-year-old striker from the Ranieri era could not be repeated, the experienced goalkeeper managed to deny it. "Lester's biggest problem would be an injury to Wardy. Yes, Perez can play in the middle of the line, but Wardie is a thief.", BBC analysis shows.

Can I think of a new miracle?

Photographed by Michael Regan / Getty Images

Photographed by Michael Regan / Getty Images

Lester plays great and optimism is justified. But this time, unlike three years ago, the competitors are more cautious and certainly stronger, so it would be a great success for the Foxes if they remained in the leading position in the Champions League.

The season is long, not a third of the championship has passed. Liverpool, the current European champion, are eight, with Manchester City defending the title, two points ahead of Leicester. A repeat of 2016 is hardly feasible, but the election of Brendon Rodgers is right to dream.

Wardy and the team have to go one step at a time, with Arsenal welcoming the King Power Stadium at 6.30pm on Saturday.

Milan Tomic

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