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(LIVE) REDOVI IZ TEL AVIVA NA MUNDOBASKU: Izrael – Srbija 7: 4 | sport


2 minutes – Excellent start to home team, Zosman and Davson with new points brought Israel 7: 2.

1 minute – Davson opened the match three, Milosavljevic replied with two.

ISRAEL: Blat, Chubrevich, Koen, Davson, Zosman, Ariel, Di Bartolomeo, Ginat, Levi, Pnini, Timor, Zalmason.

SERBIA: Birčević, Milosavljević, Peno, Raduljica, Šimonović, Avramović, Djokovic, Dobrić, Gagić, Jelovac, Jovanović, Lazić.

Selector Aleksandar Đorđević has important problems with player injuries, so his basketball list before heading to Tel Aviv looked like this:

Stefan Peno (Alba), Ilija Đoković (Borac Čačak), Aleksa Avramović (Vareze), Dragan Milosavljević (Unikaha), Branko Lazić, Ognjen Dobrić, Đorđe Gagić (Partizan NIS), Marko Šimonović (Zenit), Stevan Jelovac Stefan Birčević club), Miroslav Raduljica (Đangsu) and Nikola Jovanović (Trento)

aleksandar đorđević fights with a player's injury
aleksandar đorđević fights with a player's injuryPhotography: FIBA

The third round of group L matches between Israel and Serbia is played at 13:00 in Tel Aviv.

"Israel is a team that is exceptionally fast, aggressive and ready, with four to five moves, not so crystallized with a good shot from the semi-circle, have a great creation of Blata and Di Bartolome's outdoor players, and in the list are 20, we are prepared individually for each of them … As for the Makabi player and the question of whether to play, I think that, as they do not play so many minutes for the club, again, until they appear on the field, we will not know, "coach Djordjevic said. / kurir sport



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