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Males: We need to raise the level of the game

Marina Malchkov, frontman of Serbia, ahead of me with Belgium, has pointed out that her team will have a difficult task and will have to raise the level in the game.

SNSource: B92, Tanjug

Photo: FIBA

Photo: FIBA

"We have to raise the level. Russia was fine, but now that we should move directly to Russia, either directly or in the first quarter, we can not, of course, go back to the bottom with our game or stay at the same level "If we do not have this, we will have problems with Belgium, which is" wounded "at that time. It is good to talk about their qualities", Maljkov told reporters after training at the Crystal Hall.

After two victories by Marine Malchkova, they made their appearance at the second stage of the competition, and Belgium would have been given the opportunity to leave the first position in the quarterfinals.

"We know the calculations, we know math, but it is always easiest to win. The European Championship is very smooth, it is a good basketball player," Malchkov said, explaining which segment should be better than me with Russia. "The level of aggression must be more and more, and the aggression should be raised both in defense and attack, aggression on every player … That was why it was a good game, so the toys from the bench went through the necessary energy and were aggressive in every possible view of the country, and that was against Russia. "

Malchki also stated that the "jump game" is net where her team should not allow duplicity.

"The jump is very important, I love him as a journalist with your knowledge and a fisherman's track, I raise my toys to things I do not want to quit." Jump is a matter of agreement and somehow expressing, but we love it more, we are not a team that has "monsters" in the central positions that can compensate for all the jumps … If we relax in that segment, we can not find it in the game. We have a lot of people in the attack that allow us to make up for it, Malchkov said.

She had only words of praise for the next rivals.

"Belgium has a lot of rotation, they have four centers playing the same, they have aggressive backs … They are capable of fast and aggressive basketball, but let's play basketball and we see how it is at this point against a team from a group that is spitting for our."

Navija in Zrenjanin on a meadow against Russia made a great atmosphere, and their support would be significant in the match against Belgium.

"It's important for the audience to get in. I thank the city of Zrenjanin, but let us all come together to this victory and tomorrow, in the best possible way, we will fight in Zrenjanin because the team with lots of experience and realities did not expect a defeat, public to be able to make two big victories in three days, Belgium is a very, very good team If we can ask the public to come to us and Russia We will need help because we have a tough job ahead of us ", concluded Malchkov.

I am between Serbia and Belgium tomorrow doing 20 hours and 30 minutes.

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