Saturday , March 6 2021

Mercedes recalled the S-Class – B92

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class is considered by a good part of the automotive public (with good reason) to be the best car in the world.

Photo: Mercedes

Photo: Mercedes

Daimler has invested 730 million euros in its Factory 56 in Sindelfingen to prepare it for W223 production.

However, just a few months after production began, the pennant was already called for corrective interventions, he writes Autoblog.

How could something like this happen? They are caused by internal fastening clamps, which can lead to serious problems with the control system (in the worst case).

Owners are invited to schedule an appointment at your local Mercedes service center to have the disputed components checked and replaced if necessary, of course, free of charge. A company spokesman said up to 1,400 vehicles were being withdrawn. Owners are notified in writing, along with a text containing the term “urgent”.

Mercedes explains that the problem is that the affected S-Class may not have the fastening strap provided for this vehicle, which may result in the gear “not withstanding a permanent load while driving”.

According to the German manufacturer, the component in question is sent by a supplier, previously assembled into a single unit, which is then installed in the “Factory 56” factory, where the Maybach version and soon the EQS electric pen come off the production lines.

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