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Month after * Lost GAEC, Cooperative ALL SAVINGS! (VIDEO)


08/04/2019. 10:45

Though they broke up and settled in the same day, they were again in a perfect tie.

Luna Đogani

Luna Đogani, Photo: Youtube Screenshots

Luna Đogani and Marko Miljkovic relaxed and could not hide the tenderness of gentleness,and they hid under the quilt.


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There seems to be some showering in Zadar. Because the outside toilet was busy because they were David and Ana had a hot action in the shower, Marko and Luna stayed in the bedroom to share the gentleness beneath the mountain.

However, the two of them decided to visit the shower early in the morning to love. Lunin Sigh responded to the tub, and when he left the cabin, Luna asked Mark where he had underwear to go to the bedroom.

Luna Đogani

Luna Đogani, Photo: Youtube Screenshots

"Where are my pants?" He asked Luna Mark, then pointed at his chair.

In the video below this text you can see how everything looked like.

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