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One change in urine can be a sign of cancer!


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In some situations, you have to pay special attention because there is a possibility that your kidneys may be canceled

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It is common practice that the urine behaves in the right way and that it is good in color and does not indicate the disease, but if you notice it is a loss other than normal, you should contact your doctor.

If you notice your urine is blurred, do not panic immediately. Mutant urine is a sign that something is wrong, but there are many reasons why it is so. Urolist Dr. Hajar Ajub pointed out why the urine can blur.

Do not drink enough water

Dehydration is often the cause of blurred urine, and drinking of carbonated juices and coffee will not help much. You need to increase water intake. Any drink that contains caffeine can only aggravate your condition.

You have a urinary tract infection

Every woman is affected by urinary infections, but they are equally prone to it. Urinary infection usually infects the bladder and urethra and can lead to dehydration, closure or just damaged bladder discharge. Infection can be treated with antibiotics and it is best to contact your doctor as soon as possible and begin with treatment.

You have vaginitis

This is actually the inflammation of the vagina and can lead to a blurred urine with increased vaginal secretion that has an unpleasant smell, causing itching and possibly pain during sex. It can also develop as a result of allergic reactions to some irritating chemicals, such as perfumes and soaps.

You have a sexually transmitted disease

As gonorrhea and chlamydia cause mutant urine, especially in the early stage of the disease. These diseases usually result in secretion leading to muddy urine. You must contact your doctor to determine the treatment.

You have kidney stones or both kidneys

Stomach stones can be very uncomfortable because it causes pain as it passes and exits. While passing through the channels, stones can cause bleeding and muddy urine.

Your urine may have some blood in you

If blood occurs in microscopic traces of urine, it will cause blurriness. Causes can be kidney stones, increased prostate, but rarely urinary tract cancer.

You have chronic kidney disease

It rarely occurs in people who have good health, but chronic kidney disease can cause muddy urine. This is a reduction in renal function, the main role of which is to cleanse blood from metabolic waste. Other symptoms include nausea, tiredness, severe breathing, muscle cramps, and yellow skin.

You have diabetes

Diabetes is a chronic disease that develops when the amount of blood glucose is high. Insulin, a hormone that produces a pancreas, helps regulate this sugar and utilize it as energy. When the body does not produce enough insulin or does not use enough, the sugar stays in the blood instead of switching to another cell.

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