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ONLY STEFAN SELLS HAPPY STARS! The great mystery is the siege of the city, watch for NUMBER 25 ?! DRIVES TO REALITY! | stars

The Grand Chief informed the cooperatives that special tasks were awaiting them, which many did not feel comfortable with. Specifically, the grand mystery of Number 25 will haunt the city in the coming days, and the only one who will surely remain in the White House is Stefan Kandic.

"Dear cooperatives, you moved into the cooperative exactly 10 days ago, and during your life in the most beautiful and popular city in this region, nothing as important and significant as it will mark your life this week has happened. In the following lines, it is very important. it is imperative that you hear the contents of this letter in absolute silence, because we have a very important message for all of you! What you will have to go through in the coming days will in any case be unusual, and so far has never happened in the Cooperative. the biggest mystery that will ever obsess & # 39; the Cooperative & # 39; so it is important that in the days to come carefully, wisely and resourcefully! You will be informed hour by hour about the next steps, but be prepared for everything and do not think that what follows will easily fall to any of you, "read Milan Milosevic.

"As the presenter will pick a favorite cooperative tonight and run, it is imperative that you have already been informed of the following: one of you was born under a lucky star and may not have known by now. One of you will be preserved during this mysterious week and will not be able to to leave "Cooperative." This lucky man cannot be selected as a runner or favorite cooperative, his mysterious number 25 has brought him luck, which we are currently certain will not be expelled at the end of this week. it makes him happy because he is sure he will not leave the Cooperative during the first next ejection.weeks of a comfortable and abundant life in the cooperative, but you will hear more about him during the night. it will only make life difficult. Now is the time to say goodbye, and the only thing you will still hear about mysterious number 25 at this point is that you have to do it all the time however, whenever you're awake, wear T-shirts with number 25! The mystery is among you! Keep an eye out for number 25 in the coming days! Greetings, big boss, ”Milan concluded.

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